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As I reported in the previous post of this blog, New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo last week shut down 7 companies that were operating illegally providing immigration services. Edwin Rivera and the 4 companies he operates are also being sued for providing unlicensed immigration legal advice to thousands of people in New York City and Long Island.

Unfortunately, two of these companies have the same name as my blog. One is "Immigration Today", and the other is "Immigration Today News Today".

I want to assure you that my blog has no connection with Edwin Rivera, whom I do not know, nor with his companies.

I commend Attorney General Cuomo for investigating and penalizing these companies that only harm immigrants by putting their cases at risk.

Federal and state laws prohibit notaries or immigration consultants from providing legal advice. Therefore, it is extremely important that anyone seeking legal representation for their immigration cases only go to accredited professionals, such as immigration attorneys.

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