Beware of false promises

Many times unscrupulous lawyers or immigration service providers operating illegally promise "fast papers" or secret legalization methods.

Beware! The consequences are serious. You could permanently damage your U.S. immigration status, lose thousands of dollars, and end up being removed or deported from the U.S. if you are ill-advised.

Use caution if an immigration service provider tells you the following:

We can get you your green card, work permit or US visas in a few weeks.

This is not possible!

2. We know people within the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and can get your papers processed quickly.

This is another lie! In general, the Citizenship and Immigration Services has a system that does not allow the processing of applications filed later than others to be advanced unless there is a major reason.

3. We may cause you to qualify by providing false information about you to the government.

This is a lie that could cost you the opportunity to someday qualify for a legal adjustment. Never lie on your application.

4. We offer guaranteed results.

It is impossible to guarantee results! The Citizenship and Immigration Service is unpredictable. In addition, much depends on the individual case and whether or not it meets the requirements.

If anyone makes any of these promises to you, report it to the authorities and find another legal representative.

Follow these tips and you will soon achieve the American dream!