Tips for submitting a registration or re-registration for TPS

It is important to file a correct application for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Doing so is an investment of time and money, because if your application is denied, you will lose the money you paid to file.

Therefore, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers the following important tips for submitting an initial registration or re-registration for TPS:

* Both Form I-821 and Form I-765 are required to apply for TPS. Applicants must submit Forms I-821 and I-765 at the same time and in the same envelope.

* Applicants must ensure that the information submitted on both forms matches exactly, otherwise the processing of applications may be delayed.

* Applicants must answer all questions on both Forms I-765 and I-821 because missing answers on the forms could delay processing.

* Applicants seeking employment authorization after filing for TPS must include a copy of their most recent Form I-821 receipt or approval notice.

* Applicants must include documentation supporting any name changes with their application.