Supreme Court votes in favor of anti-undocumented law in Arizona

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 5-3 vote, this morning upheld an Arizona law that allows the state to severely punish companies that hire undocumented immigrants and authorizes the mandatory use of the federal E-Verify program to verify the immigration status of employees. In its resolution, the majority of ... Read more

Undocumented mother wins civil lawsuit

A federal judge ruled that Juana Villegas' civil rights were violated when prison authorities kept her handcuffed to a bed during the final stages of her labor and postpartum recovery. U.S. District Court Judge William Haynes Jr. must now set a hearing to determine the ... Read more

Federal Court Upholds Partial Block of S.B. 1070

The Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals today decided to uphold restrictions against the implementation of sections of S.B. 1070, including the most controversial - the one that would force law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of all persons they "suspect" to be unlawfully present in ... Read more

Republicans propose denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants on temporary visas

At a press conference held today, Wednesday, January 5, coordinated to coincide with the first day of the new federal Congress, five Republican lawmakers introduced two proposals that seek to deny citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants. One measure proposes the creation of a new definition of state citizenship, in addition to national citizenship, that would exclude babies born in ... Read more

Illegally terminated immigrant with TPS reinstated

Santos Delacruz Hernandez, who was illegally fired by his company, returned to work today. Thanks to my intervention and the U.S. Department of Justice, Mr. Hernandez was reinstated to his job. I especially want to thank attorney Jennifer Sultan and investigator Sergio Esquivel of the Department of Justice for all of their ... Read more

What to do if you are detained by immigration

Each year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains 400,000 immigrants. Anyone who is in the United States undocumented could be detained at the least expected time. If you or someone you know is not in the country legally, you should be prepared if you are detained by ICE. Read more

Anti-immigrant law stopped in Pennsylvania

A federal appeals court ruled that an anti-immigrant city ordinance passed by the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania is unconstitutional. The court ruled that the disputed Illegal Immigration Relief Act usurped the federal government's exclusive prerogative to regulate immigration. The case had been pending in the courts since 2008. ... Read more

Court refuses to expedite Governor Brewer's appeal

The federal appeals court for the Ninth Circuit denied Gov. Janice Brewer's motion in the S.B. 1070 case. The governor was asking to expedite her appeal of Judge Susan Bolton's decision blocking parts of the controversial law. Had she yielded to the motion, the court ... Read more

Arizona appeals judge's decision on SB1070

The State of Arizona and Governor Janice K. Brewer filed an appeal yesterday in the federal appeals court for the Ninth Circuit, which proposes to cancel the preliminary injunction that was issued by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton on Wednesday. Along with the appeal, a motion was filed to expedite ... Read more