Court refuses to expedite Governor Brewer's appeal

The federal court of appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected Governor Janice Brewer's motion in the S.B. 1070 case. The governor was asking to expedite her appeal of Judge Susan Bolton's decision blocking parts of the controversial law.

Had it yielded to the motion, the court would have begun hearing arguments for and against the appeal as of the second week of September. However, the court ordered that the regular appeal process continue. That means that the state will have to file the appropriate court briefs, the federal government will have to respond to those arguments, and finally, we will have to wait for a response from the state.

Taking this into account, it has been ruled that the first hearing in the S.B. 1070 appeal case will be in the first week of November. Since it is doubtful that the judges will make an immediate decision, it is possible that a ruling will not be made until December. Whoever loses the appeal at that time may appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.