Immigrant Month in Los Angeles

Because Arizona's controversial S.B. 1070 law has increased immigration controversy and heightened hostile attitudes toward immigrants, the city of Los Angeles passed a resolution declaring August as "Immigrant Month". The city took the measure in order to show a "positive example" in the face of Arizona's law, which is considered racist and unconstitutional.

Councilmembers Ed Reyes and Jose Huizar, who introduced the measure, noted that the city of Los Angeles, whose population includes 1.6 million immigrants - 40% of its residents - is "a city that celebrates all of its people," no matter where they come from.

In addition, the L.A. Council approved that the celebration of "Immigrant Month" be extended for 4 additional days to commemorate the diversity that has existed since the city's inception. September 4, 1781 is the anniversary of the founding of Pueblo Los Angeles by 44 people of diverse origins, known as "the settlers".