March for immigration reform

Yesterday multiple marches took place around the country, where thousands of people took to the streets to demand comprehensive immigration reform. This Sunday, May 1st, was the 6th anniversary of the monumental march that started this movement.

I participated yesterday, as in other years, in the march in Los Angeles. It was very sad to talk to people who currently have no legal avenues to stay in the country, but whose lives depend on staying here, along with their U.S. citizen children.

The only solution for millions of undocumented immigrants is fair and comprehensive immigration reform. To achieve this, unity is needed among all - not just in the Hispanic community. It also requires greater support from other communities, especially those that benefit from the immigrant worker. It is imperative that every Hispanic who is a U.S. citizen vote during the election.

If you are a permanent resident and can become a citizen, do it as soon as possible. As the slogan says, your voice is your vote. That voice and vote is what will force our representatives in Washington to listen to us, because they will realize that we have political power. Only then will we achieve the goal of immigration reform that keeps families together and makes the United States a more productive nation.