Is there a solution to illegal immigration of children to the U.S.?

The images of thousands of children arriving alone in the United States, fleeing violence in their home countries, risking their lives in a perilous journey, in some instances taking their lives, has caused great concern this year.

While activists complained about the deplorable conditions under which many of these children and their mothers were held in detention centers, anti-immigrant groups pointed to the arrival of these children as a major border security problem.

Regardless of the polarization on the issue, the reality is that the arrival of these children has become a complicated situation that needs a global solution.

Not only must these children be advocated for fair treatment once they are in the United States, but solutions must also be sought in the children's countries of origin.

In the following video, I speak with members of the musical group La Santa Cecilia about the illegal immigration of children to the United States and answer some questions from the audience in Los Angeles, during a segment of Telemundo's "Un Nuevo Día" show.