Eblin Balver, accused of defrauding immigrants, sentenced to jail time

Charged with defrauding more than three dozen undocumented immigrants after promising to help them with immigration paperwork, Eblin Balver was sentenced Tuesday, June 16, to seven years in prison.

In a settlement agreement with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's OfficeThe 53-year-old woman pleaded no contest to charges that she stole more than $$360,000 from 38 of her clients, to whom she falsely offered immigration and real estate services that she never performed.

Balver, who deceived her clients that she worked in the court system, was arrested and arraigned in August 2018, charged with 40 felonies, including 35 counts of grand theft, one count of making criminal threats and dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, and charges of fraud and embezzlement on property valued at more than $100,000.

According to the prosecution, Balver threatened some of her victims that she had mob connections, to prevent them from reporting her.

The fraudster also used the name Eblin Balverde or Evelyn Rodriguez.

Balver faced a possible maximum sentence of 34 years and four months in state prison.but with the plea agreement, in addition to his seven-year prison sentence, he will have six years of mandatory supervision. He must also pay a total of $$360,448 in restitution to nearly 40 victims.

Balver was prosecuted three times for defrauding immigrants since 2014. She has been in detention since her arrest in August 2018.

Watch out for Immigration Fraud

Immigrants should remain alert and well informed to avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud.

If you were victimized by a notario, immigration consultant, paper pusher, multi-service or fake lawyer, file a complaint as soon as possible with the police department.

In addition, persons living in California should notify the California Department of Justice, Office of Immigrant Assistance, at 1-888-587-0557.