What undocumented immigrants need to know to apply for driver's licenses in California

As of January 2, 2015, undocumented immigrants in California will once again be eligible to obtain a driver's license.

Thanks to AB60, passed by the California legislature in September 2013, and ratified by Governor Jerry Brown on October 3, 2013, undocumented immigrants who pass a written and driving test will be able to have the valuable document without fear of being ticketed by the police for driving without a license or having their car impounded.

This has been a struggle for nearly 20 years. California issued driver's licenses to undocumented drivers until 1994, when then-Republican Governor Pete Wilson banned it, passing a law that required proof of legal status in the country and a valid Social Security number in order to receive the document.

Now, the big moment has come. You have to prepare yourself with the necessary documents confirming your identity and study to pass the exams.

Don't forget that you must first schedule an appointment with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to begin the process.


Below, you can watch a video interview where I explain why undocumented immigrants living in California should apply for a driver's license.