Why understanding immigration laws matters

One thing that concerns me is that unscrupulous people will cheat and take advantage of immigrants who are looking for ways to live legally in the United States.

I have already lost count of the number of people who come to me for help, after they made the mistake of going to a notario to get their immigration paperwork done wrong and with false expectations, getting them into legal trouble and causing them to lose cases they could have won.

That is why I wrote the book "The Green Card: How to Obtain Permanent Residency in the United States".

The book is a guide that details what avenues exist to obtain residency and explains the processes so that every immigrant understands them. And it is important to understand the immigration laws and processes so that you are not cheated.

This week I presented my book on the morning show "Primera Edición" on Univision 34 in Los Angeles. Here is the video: