Who qualifies for an immigration waiver?

Those of you who have ever done immigration paperwork know that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) usually charges fees for doing so.

Costs vary depending on the form and the process, but can be a heavy burden for low-income immigrants.

However, under certain circumstances, the USCIS authorizes fee waivers for some immigration procedures for individuals who qualify for a fee waiver.

Primarily qualify individuals who fall into the following categories:

1. They are receiving public benefits

2. Have incomes below the poverty level.

3. They can prove that they have humanitarian reasons why they do not have money to pay the fees.

Those who qualify must complete Form I-912 to apply for an immigration waiver.

He explained the process in this immigration segment of the morning show "Un Nuevo Día" aired on the Telemundo network.