USCIS provides new information to avoid immigration scams

In order to combat immigration fraud and unauthorized practice of law, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has produced three new brochures with information that can help you avoid becoming a victim of immigration scams.

For several years, I have alerted people of the serious problem of people who are offering legal services without having government licenses and permits. Notaries, immigration consultants, paper fillers and multi-services who give legal advice are violating the law by doing so. But beyond the fact that they are violating the law, they are misguiding people and more often than not, hurting people's cases before the USCIS.
The brochures explain where and how to seek immigration assistance from individuals and organizations legally authorized to do so.
Each brochure is aimed at a different audience:
For persons seeking immigration assistance
2. For people who want to help someone seek immigration assistance.
3. For organizations wishing to be accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals
These materials are available online and in print in English and Spanish:
1. How to find help to apply for an immigration benefit
2. How to help someone applying for an immigration benefit
3. How to become an immigration service provider
Please read the brochures. Do not let them scam you or ruin your legal status in this country. If you need immigration legal help, only go to a licensed attorney or a lawyer. representatives accredited by the federal government who work for a non-profit organization that is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals.