NY1 News Expands Reach of "El Abogado a Tu Lado" (The Lawyer at Your Side)

Lawyer-your-side-promo2015The segments of "El Abogado a Tu Lado", which air on the NY1 Noticias cable channel, will now be available on video on demand in various parts of the United States.

Time Warner Cable subscribers will be able to watch segments of "El Abogado a Tu Lado" as well as other NY1 Noticias news content at the time of their choice through the "Noticias en Español on Local On Demand" service.

In addition to New York, the service is available in San Antonio, Texas, North Carolina and Southern California.

I invite you to watch the most recent segments of "El Abogado a Tu Lado" on NY1 Noticias. In the immigration segments I answer several questions from viewers and share useful information for the immigrant community.

You can also view the segments by clicking here. Some of the segments may require a Time Warner Cable subscription to view them online.

Please share the videos with your family and friends. Thank you.