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Comitancillo, bastion of Maya Mam culture, finds bittersweet relief in U.S. migration.

Los Angeles Times en Espanol - January 30, 2024

Comitancillo, an indigenous municipality in Guatemala, is facing a massive migration of young people to the U.S., which has generated a positive economic impact but also a loss of human and cultural capital. Most of the inhabitants of Comitancillo have relatives in states such as Ohio, New York, Mississippi, Florida and Maryland. Although migration has improved the local economy, it has raised concerns about the preservation of the Mayan Mam culture and language. The migration phenomenon has been driven by the lack of opportunities and extreme poverty in the region, leading young people to seek better living conditions abroad.

17 families unite after decades of not seeing each other

Telemundo News - January 29, 2024

Noticias Telemundo presents an emotional story about more than a dozen Mexican families who, after years of separation due to emigration to the United States, were able to reunite and embrace each other. This reunion, full of emotions and joy, symbolizes the difficult realities faced by many families separated by distance and borders. The video captures touching moments of these reunions, highlighting the importance of family ties and the emotional impact migration has on families.

Says he was an engineer in Venezuela and refuses to work for $$20 per hour in the United States.

El Diario NY - January 29, 2024

Leo Moreno, a Venezuelan migrant, rejects a masonry job in the U.S. offered at $20/hour, claiming that his training as an engineer in Venezuela deserves better opportunities. He opts for begging, arguing for higher income and defying labor expectations. His attitude has provoked criticism and controversy, including conflicts with journalist Gladys Rodriguez, who calls him a "social parasite" for promoting illicit behavior and despising jobs considered minor.

Chicago extends length of stay for migrants in city shelters

Los Angeles Times en Espanol - January 29, 2024

Chicago, led by Mayor Brandon Johnson, extends the stay limit for asylum seekers in shelters from 60 to between 90 and 120 days. This measure, which affects some 14,000 migrants in 28 shelters, seeks to facilitate their relocation and employment. The city has faced challenges in accommodating the growing migrant population, resorting to temporary solutions such as police barracks and buses. The extension of the stay responds to criticisms about the health and safety of migrants, especially during the winter.

Chicago suburbs debate their role in the face of immigrant bus arrivals

El Tiempo Latino - January 29, 2024

Chicago's suburbs, such as Highland Park and Wilmette, face a new challenge with the arrival of busloads of immigrants, avoiding the main city. These communities, unaccustomed to a significant influx of newcomers, are debating their role and ability to handle this situation. Volunteers and local residents mobilize to provide aid, such as clothing and other resources, to these immigrants, marking a shift in the dynamics and social responsibility of these suburbs in the face of the growing immigration crisis.

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Republicans in Congress do not believe immigration deal negotiated with Joe Biden is viable

El Diario NY - January 29, 2024

Mike Johnson, Republican Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, declares unworkable the immigration agreement negotiated between bipartisan senators and Joe Biden's administration. The agreement, which includes Biden's authority to close the border with Mexico in the event of a high migratory flow, faces Republican opposition due to its permissiveness towards illegal immigration. The internal division in the Republican Party is intensifying, with Donald Trump and his supporters urging rejection of the agreement, while Biden expresses his willingness to close the border if he receives authorization from Congress.

Protection for thousands of immigrants in jeopardy after complaint from Republican states led by Texas

La Opinión - January 29, 2024

A protection program for immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, implemented by the Biden Administration, is facing a lawsuit led by Texas and 19 other Republican states. The program, which offers parole and work permits, is at risk of being suspended by an impending court decision. The lawsuit argues that the program harms Texas by qualifying immigrants for state services. The defense, led by citizen beneficiaries and civil rights organizations, seeks to maintain the program, highlighting its historical importance and national benefits.

AMLO calls Biden and Trump's proposal to close the border due to migration demagogy

La Opinión - January 29, 2024

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) criticizes proposals by Joe Biden and Donald Trump to close the U.S.-Mexico border as demagogic and impractical. AMLO argues that closing the border is not feasible due to the strong economic and commercial integration between the two countries. He considers these proposals as part of U.S. electoral rhetoric and advises not to be alarmed, noting that migration and drug trafficking are often recurring themes in U.S. political campaigns.

Expert believes immigration agreement must consider Mexico's disposition

Telemundo News - January 29, 2024

Telemundo News presents an analysis of the immigration agreement underway in the United States, highlighting the opinion of expert Ariel Ruiz. Ruiz emphasizes that it is not enough for the Democrats to give in to the demands of the Republican bench; it is also crucial to consider Mexico's disposition in this agreement. Mexican President AMLO has indicated that closing the border does not eliminate the migration crisis. This story underscores the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding between Mexico and the U.S. in managing migration and border policies.

Immigrants pay up to $$40,000 to "coyotes" on promise of avoiding deportation from the U.S.

La Opinión - January 29, 2024

Immigrants crossing Mexico into the U.S. are being duped by "coyotes" who promise them relief from deportation in exchange for up to $$40,000. These smugglers offer "all-inclusive" packages to secure passage to the U.S., but in reality, migrants face immediate deportation proceedings and significant legal risks. Mexican authorities and experts warn against these scams and stress that the only legal programs for entry into the U.S. are credible cases of asylum or temporary protection under sponsorship, such as that offered to citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

USCIS and new digital tool for case wait times

El Diario NY - January 29, 2024

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced "My Progress," a new digital tool designed to provide immigrants with a personalized estimate of their case processing time. This innovation seeks to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety associated with long wait times, which can range from 18 to 48 months. "My Progress" applies to a variety of processing, including citizenship applications, residency renewal, family petitions, work and travel permits, and residency processing through family petitions. Users must create an online account on the USCIS website to access this feature, which promises to improve planning and expectation management for applicants during their immigration process.

Orange County judge rules against immigration consultant who claimed he was a victim of extortion

Telemundo 52 - January 29, 2024

A judge in Orange County ruled against Shafi Afridi, an immigration consultant, for violating the California Immigration Consultants Act. Afridi, charged with about 90 violations, failed to obtain a required bond, made misleading statements, and failed to clarify in advertisements that he was not an attorney. Despite the charges, the judge did not bar Afridi from continuing his business. The law, described as "draconian" by the judge, allows lawsuits even without personal injury. Afridi and his lawyer argue that the law should be modified to avoid abuses in the legal process. The plaintiff, controlled by attorney Sebastian Medvei, has filed similar cases against other consultants, alleging widespread violations of the law.

"Open your door": families ready to welcome newly arrived migrants into their homes

Univision News - January 29, 2024

The city of Denver has experienced the arrival of tens of thousands of immigrants in recent months, mainly in buses from Texas. Faced with this situation, the local community has mobilized to seek solutions. One notable initiative is that of families willing to open their doors and welcome these newly arrived migrants into their homes. This community effort reflects a caring and practical approach to addressing the challenges posed by the recent wave of immigration in the city.

Images of migrant children rescued from the freezing waters of the Bravo River

Telemundo News - January 29, 2024

Telemundo News reports from Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a place marked by the dispute between the federal and Texas governments, on the rescue of groups of migrants, including children, in the freezing waters of the Rio Grande. The images captured show the plight of these migrants who face extremely cold temperatures as they attempt to cross the border. This report highlights the dangers and adverse conditions faced by migrants, especially children, in their search for a better life.

If bipartisan immigration deal passes, 'paroles' will be affected

Telemundo News - January 29, 2024

Telemundo News reports on the implications of a potential bipartisan immigration agreement in the United States. If approved, this agreement will significantly affect the 'paroles' program, in addition to reducing asylum processing times. It will also give the government new authority to close the border in the event of a surge in crossings. Although the agreement is still in the process of crystallizing, its potential effects on immigration policy are of great significance, especially for the U.S. Hispanic community.

Immigration, border and economy: Univision talks to Kamala Harris about Hispanic community issues

Univision News - January 29, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Univision and ViX, Carolina Peguero spoke with Vice President Kamala Harris about critical issues for the Hispanic community in the United States. Issues such as immigration, the situation at the border and the economy were addressed. Kamala Harris responded to Joe Biden's suggestion to "close" the border due to the intense immigration flow, an issue of great relevance to the Hispanic audience. Univision Noticias stands out for providing information relevant to the Hispanic community in the United States, Latin America and the rest of the world, keeping its viewers informed about events and policies that directly affect their lives.

Could Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas really be dismissed?

Univision News - January 29, 2024

Univision Noticias video discusses the filing of articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. The discussion focuses on the real possibility of his impeachment, with explanations provided by a constitutional lawyer. This issue is of particular interest to the Hispanic community, as Mayorkas has been a key figure in the administration of immigration and security policies. The video provides a detailed analysis of the impeachment proceedings and the implications his removal would have for the Hispanic community and national security policy.

Impeachment attempt against Mayorkas "changes nothing" at the border

Telemundo News - January 29, 2024

Telemundo News presents an analysis of the impeachment attempt against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, promoted by Republican representatives. Delia Ramirez, Democrat Congresswoman for Illinois, believes that this process will not solve the immigration problems at the southern border of the United States. The video highlights the complexity of the border situation and how political actions such as the impeachment of Mayorkas may or may not influence the resolution of these problems. This issue is highly relevant to Hispanic audiences, especially in the context of immigration and border security policies.

Impeachment charges filed against U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Voice of America - January 29, 2024

The Republican caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives has filed two charges for possible impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Republicans criticize Mayorkas' handling of the irregular arrival of millions of migrants at the country's southern border. This Voice of America report, filed by journalist Jorge Agobian, highlights the growing political tension over immigration and border security policies, underscoring the partisan divisions and challenges facing the current administration in its handling of the border situation.

Disagreement over immigration policy divides organizations on the U.S.-Mexico border

Voice of America - January 29, 2024

Tensions between the Texas government and the U.S. federal government are escalating over control of the border with Mexico. This Voice of America video highlights that the disagreements are not only limited to Democratic and Republican lawmakers, but also affect various border organizations. These organizations are divided in their views and approaches to immigration policy, reflecting the complexity and challenges facing border and immigration management in this region.

Border Patrol warns that crossing the river is now a deportable offense

Voice of America - January 29, 2024

In a segment of "Conversando con la Voz de América", the situation on the southern border of the U.S. with Mexico is discussed, highlighting an interview with Claudio Herrera, spokesman for the Border Patrol. During a tour of the border zone in El Paso, Texas, it is emphasized that crossing the Rio Grande River is now a deportable offense. The Border Patrol warns that the border is closed and there are no open gates at any point along the extensive border line. This report highlights the strict stance of border authorities and the legal consequences for those who attempt to cross illegally.


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