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40 migrants found crammed into vehicles at southern border near El Paso

La Opinión - January 25, 2024

In El Paso, Texas, the Border Patrol found 40 migrants crammed into vehicles, evidence of human smuggling operations. The raids, which involved several agencies, reflect the migration crisis at the southern border, where migrant encounters reached a record 300,000 in one month. As the U.S. intensifies deportations, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers, the situation underscores the urgency of addressing migration in a comprehensive manner.

Republicans unleash criticism for stalling immigration plans to avoid hurting Trump

La Opinión - January 25, 2024

Republicans in Congress, led by McConnell, are blocking progress on immigration policies to avoid hurting Trump's campaign, generating criticism and tensions. The strategy, which includes halting bipartisan negotiations, aims to maintain Trump's anti-immigrant narrative, putting crucial border agreements and international aid at risk. The situation reveals Trump's influence and polarization in the immigration debate.

Does anti-immigrant sentiment prevail in the U.S.? We debate it on the fire line

Univision News - January 25, 2024

A Filipino citizen, seeking to donate stem cells to his cousin with cancer in the U.S., faces visa denial over consular fears of permanent immigration. This case sparks debate on "Line of Fire" about whether anti-immigrant sentiment prevails in the U.S., highlighting the tension between humanitarian need and restrictive immigration policies.

Federal government again requires Texas to give Border Patrol access to Eagle Pass park

Los Angeles Times in English - January 25, 2024

The federal government reiterates its demand to Texas for Border Patrol access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, where Greg Abbott has stepped up anti-immigrant measures. The dispute escalates following a Supreme Court decision allowing the Patrol to cut barbed wire while the Department of Homeland Security confronts Texas for restricting access, exacerbating tensions between Abbott and the Biden administration.

Texas installs more barbed wire on Mexico border despite Supreme Court ruling

Univision News - January 25, 2024

Texas reinforces its border with Mexico with more barbed wire, defying a Supreme Court decision allowing the Border Patrol to remove barriers. The move, part of Governor Greg Abbott's policy, seeks to deter illegal crossings along the Rio Grande, highlighting tensions in border management and the debate over national security and human rights.

Two governments fight at the border, migrants continue to be injured

Telemundo News - January 24, 2024

The dispute between the federal government and Texas over the removal of barbed wire on the border, according to the Supreme Court, leaves migrants in the middle of the conflict. Local authorities refuse to grant access to federal authorities, and in this tug-of-war, migrants are injured, highlighting the urgency of a humanitarian and coordinated solution.

Beware of hidden charges on remittances to avoid more costly shipments

Univision News - January 24, 2024

Remittances are essential for families abroad, but hidden fees drive up costs. This Univision Noticias video highlights the importance of identifying and understanding these charges to avoid excessive expenses, offering practical guidance for immigrants in the U.S. seeking to financially support their loved ones without incurring additional costs.

Sleeping on the streets and eating in churches: how immigrants survive after arriving in New York City

Univision News - January 24, 2024

Adult asylum seekers without children face days on New York streets, waiting for re-registration in overcrowded shelters. Mayor Eric Adams calls for federal action in the face of this humanitarian crisis, highlighting the struggle of immigrants to survive in precarious conditions and the urgent need for a structural and compassionate solution.

U.S. southern border shelters expect increase of immigrants in the coming days

Voice of America - January 24, 2024

Jewelry, boat rental and a pickup truck: expenses of pastor accused of cryptocurrency fraud

Univision News - January 24, 2024

Pastor Eli Regalado, charged with civil fraud by Colorado Securities Commissioner Tung Chan, raised more than $3 million selling worthless cryptocurrencies to parishioners. Although he claims the money went to remodel his home, he is linked to extravagant spending on jewelry, boat rentals and a pickup truck, highlighting the complexity and impact of the fraud on the community.

CNN in English - January 24, 2024

Spain and the U.S., represented by Elma Saiz Delgado and Alejandro Mayorkas, seek to promote legal, safe and dignified migration. The bilateral agenda emphasizes human rights and the need for a compassionate and structured approach to migration, reflecting a joint commitment to address this global challenge effectively and respectfully.

Voice of America - January 24, 2024

Voice of America - January 24, 2024

Uncertainty among DACA recipients in Illinois ahead of the 2024 presidential election

La Raza - January 18, 2024

Uncertainty surrounds DACA recipients in Illinois ahead of the 2024 election, fearing the return of restrictive policies like Trump's. While the Supreme Court upheld dreamers in 2020, legal challenges persist, such as the Hanen decision limiting new enrollments. Josselin González Díaz, in legal limbo, reflects the anxiety of many about an uncertain future, compounded by restrictions on education and employment.


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