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Ron DeSantis suspends his presidential campaign and endorses Donald Trump

Univision News - January 21, 2024

Ron DeSantis, after a victorious re-election in Florida, withdraws his presidential candidacy and endorses Donald Trump. Despite criticism of Trump's policies, DeSantis fails to resonate with fervent conservatives. Trump welcomes the support, but still faces competition from Nikki Haley, whose more moderate values appeal to independents. Haley urges Republicans to consider the general election polls, where she appears a stronger choice against Biden.

This is how Biden would fare in a hypothetical clash with the Republican pre-candidates | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 20, 2024

A Marist Poll reveals how Joe Biden would fare in a hypothetical electoral showdown against the Republican pre-candidates. The results show that the only one who would outperform Biden would be former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, with a three percentage point lead (47% to 44%). However, Biden would edge Donald Trump, earning 52% of support to Trump's 45%.

U.S. lawmakers travel to Mexico seeking action to stop illegal migration

La Opinión - January 21, 2024

Bipartisan U.S. delegation visits Mexico to discuss illegal migration; focus on cooperation strategies, border security and root causes. Seeks to strengthen collaboration and address humanitarian concerns.

Texas recovers lifeless body of migrant who attempted to cross the Rio Grande River

La Opinión - January 21, 2024

Texas finds body of migrant in Rio Grande, highlighting dangers of illegal border crossing. Incident underscores need for safe and humane migration management policies.

Texas bus company sues Chicago for turning its back on immigrants

La Opinión - January 21, 2024

Texas bus company sues Chicago for negligence towards immigrant transported, alleging overloading and lack of support. Case highlights inter-state tensions in handling immigration crisis.

President Biden does not believe U.S.-Mexico border is secure

La Opinión - January 20, 2024

Biden admits insecurity on U.S.-Mexico border, emphasizing challenges in immigration control and need to strengthen measures. Statement prompts debate on effective border policies.

GOP dilemma in the Lower House: Immigration

El Tiempo Latino - January 19, 2024

House Republicans face immigration policy dilemma, debating between border security and comprehensive solutions. Internal disagreements and external pressures mark the legislative discussion.

U.S. and Mexican foreign ministers resume negotiations on immigration crisis relief

La Opinión - January 19, 2024

U.S. and Mexican foreign ministers resume talks to mitigate migration crisis, discussing cooperation, border security and addressing root causes. Negotiations seek joint and lasting solutions.

The keys to the meeting between the U.S. and Mexico's foreign ministers to reduce the flow of migrants

Univision News - January 19, 2024

In Washington, U.S. and Mexican foreign ministers meet, focusing on migration. They agree to improve the exchange of data and statistics, planning visits to Guatemala and Panama. Mexico commits to invest $180 million to assist migrant-sending countries. They thank Mexico for border support, highlighting assisted returns of migrants. The meeting omits issues such as fentanyl trafficking and consumption.

Antony Blinken and Alicia Bárcena toast for improvements in immigration crisis | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 19, 2024

Antony Blinken and Alicia Bárcena celebrate progress in managing the migration crisis after reducing irregular border crossings. They agree to exchange information, invest in Central America and conduct high-level visits, such as to Guatemala, focusing on bilateral cooperation and improving conditions in regions of origin of migrants. The meeting reflects a positive moment in relations and commitment to joint strategies to effectively address the migration challenge.

Border Patrol offers up to $30,000 extra to those who join immigration agency

La Opinión - January 19, 2024

U.S. Border Patrol incentivizes recruitment with $30,000 bonus, seeking to strengthen operations and immigration management. Measure reflects efforts to improve border security and response capacity.

Texas mayors acknowledge that they are fed up with the political handling of the immigration crisis

La Opinión - January 19, 2024

Texas mayors express frustration over politicization of immigration crisis, demanding practical and collaborative solutions. Emphasize local impact and need for comprehensive and humanitarian approach.

Biden outdoes Trump on immigration changes, moves forward on campaign promise on due process

La Opinión - January 19, 2024

Biden's presidency moves forward on immigration reform overcoming Trump's changes, focusing on legalization and protection of migrants. Strategy includes improvements in legal processes and fulfillment of campaign promises.

Migrants say they have to relieve themselves in New York parks due to lack of access to restrooms

Univision News - January 21, 2024

Migrants seeking asylum in New York City face a critical situation due to lack of access to basic sanitation facilities. After the 30-day period allowed in shelters expires, many find themselves without a place to wash, leading to desperate situations such as not bathing for days and having to resort to parks to relieve themselves. This problem not only affects migrants but also generates concern among local residents, who are urging authorities to take action. The lack of adequate public toilets and poor maintenance of the few available ones aggravate the situation, leaving migrants in a vulnerable position during the day, especially after being forced to leave the shelters in the morning.

Out of work and out of time: Immigrants struggle to find jobs in Chicago

Los Angeles Times - January 19, 2024

Immigrants in Chicago face obstacles in finding employment, dealing with language barriers and lack of support networks. Situation underscores economic and social challenges in integrating migrant communities.

Mayor and former mayor of Chicago discuss welcoming immigrants

Chicago Tribune - January 19, 2024

Debate in Chicago between mayor and former mayoress on immigrant reception and support, highlighting divergences in management and integration policies. Discussion highlights local challenges and responsibilities in managing immigration crisis.

Misinformation drives migrants in New York to endure extreme cold

Voice of America - January 19, 2024

New migrant shelter causes controversy in Chicago

Voice of America - January 19, 2024

Texas authorities begin arresting undocumented immigrants in Eagle Pass

La Opinión - January 18, 2024

Texas authorities implement arrests of undocumented immigrants in Eagle Pass, intensifying border security measures. Action highlights tensions in immigration management and debate over effective policies.

Texas trucking company sues Chicago over migrants

Chicago Tribune - January 18, 2024

Texas trucking company files lawsuit against Chicago, alleging negligence in receiving immigrants. Dispute highlights challenges in inter-state coordination and need for coherent immigration policies.

CTA advocates for education funding for migrant students

Chicago Tribune - January 18, 2024

CTA in Chicago advocates for federal funding for migrant students' education, emphasizing importance of academic support. Initiative seeks to secure resources for integration and school success of immigrant youth.

Hispanic man stabbed in immigrant shelter after apparent scuffle between guards and refugees

Univision News - January 19, 2024

At a New York shelter, a 24-year-old Venezuelan is stabbed in the neck after a brawl with security guards. Eighteen people are arrested, six face charges. The incident comes days after a fatal stabbing at the same location. Tensions arise over an individual being barred from re-entry, revealing security and authority issues at the shelter. It underscores the stress of migrants due to lack of resources and waiting for documents.

Several migrants arrested in the Shelby Park, Texas area: charged with trespassing

Univision News - January 19, 2024

In Shelby Park, Texas, first arrests of migrants after state control of the park. Texas allows arrests on private property with consent of owners. Disputes arise when Guard restricts access to Border Patrol, popular area of entry. Incidents include death by drowning and federal complaints about interference with Border Patrol. Texas defies federal orders, portending legal battles. Border tensions are linked to national debates, including funding for Ukraine and border security.

Texas authorities arrest undocumented migrants in an Eagle Pass park

Voice of America - January 19, 2024

Mother of young autistic girl killed by alleged MS-13 gang member sues federal government

Univision News - January 21, 2024

Tammy Novel shocked Congress with her heartbreaking account of the brutal murder of her 20-year-old daughter Keila Hamilton, allegedly at the hands of a minor MS-13 gang member. Tammy has filed a civil lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services, demanding $100 million for operational negligence. The lawsuit states that the government failed to release a known gang member without conducting proper checks, such as inspecting his tattoos or consulting with the Salvadoran consulate. This case highlights the intensity and complexity of the immigration debate in the United States, emphasizing how these issues influence and polarize national politics.

Government sued for releasing without verification the migrant who killed her daughter | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 20, 2024

A Maryland mother is suing the Department of Homeland Security and Health for $100 million following the murder of her daughter Kayleigh by an alleged MS-13 member. She alleges government negligence in background checks on the assailant, allowing his entry and placement with a sponsor without proper checks. It criticizes the failure to investigate his gang ties and failure to follow placement protocol. An outside litigant believes the lawsuit has merit given the evidence of governmental failures.

Shelters provide training for migrants | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 21, 2024

At shelters in border cities such as Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana, migrants are offered a helping hand through training and employment opportunities. William Galea, a Venezuelan, is one of 30 migrants who, while waiting for his appointment through the CBP One app, has found work in a convenience store, thanks to the support of the shelter. These shelters not only provide lodging and food but also facilitate the obtaining of work permits, ensuring that migrants are covered by the law and have all the necessary benefits. In Tijuana, the emphasis is on education, offering workshops to teach trades such as mechanics, computers and hairdressing. Bennett, a Haitian migrant, has taken advantage of these courses to learn Spanish and acquire new skills. These initiatives highlight the importance of integration and support for migrants, in a context where millions cross the Mexican border into the United States every year.

First migrant caravan of 2024 leaves Honduras for the U.S. | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 20, 2024

The first migrant caravan of 2024 departs from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for the United States. Composed of some 500 people, including Hondurans and Venezuelans, the caravan seeks a better life, evidencing the desperation and hope of its members. Women, children and families, with flags and hopes, undertake a risky journey, driven by the need to overcome the difficult conditions in their countries of origin.

Demand clarity and justice for thousands of missing migrants in Mexico | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 20, 2024

Families and activists are demanding action and transparency regarding the approximately 9,000 migrants who have disappeared in Mexico in recent years. The inaction of authorities in the face of this humanitarian crisis underscores the urgency for search and justice. The memorial at the National Palace symbolizes the government's outstanding debt to the affected families. The disappearance of migrants, mainly along the U.S.-Mexico border, and recent rescues of kidnap victims demonstrate the gravity and scale of the problem.

This is the process for Mexicans living abroad who want to vote | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - January 19, 2024

Mexicans abroad can participate in Mexico's presidential elections. To vote, they must register on the VotoExtranjeroMX page and obtain their electoral credentials at embassies or consulates before February 20. There are three voting modalities: electronic, postal and, for the first time, in person at consular offices. The sites include 23 locations in the United States, Canada, Spain and France. The process highlights the importance of the participation of Mexicans abroad in the political decisions of their country.

Chinese migrants are the largest number entering the U.S. through the border. Why are there so many of them?

CNN in English - January 19, 2024

The migration of Chinese nationals to the U.S. is notable for its complexity and diversity. Upon crossing the border, they find in the U.S. a haven of freedom, although they face initial challenges, such as prosecution by the Border Patrol. Many follow similar routes, settling in communities such as Flushing in New York, rich in Chinese diaspora. These communities welcome migrants of diverse faiths, offering a sense of belonging and support. Migration is motivated by the search for dignity, religious freedoms and a better life. Some, like Wong Chun, have successfully integrated, obtaining work permits and actively contributing to U.S. society. However, the rising tide of migrants also poses challenges, both for newcomers struggling to settle and repay loans, and for those seeking to advance their careers amid increasing competition.


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