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USCIS and U.S. Department of State

Visa Bulletin February 2024

Immigration Today

February 2024 Visa Bulletin shows immigrant visa availability; family and employment-based categories; priority dates. Countries with the highest demand face backlogs; Mexico, India, China, and the Philippines stand out. Dates for Filing' section provides guidance on when to file adjustments of status or consular applications.

Regulatory Cap Reached for Additional H-2B Visas for Returning Workers for the First Half of Fiscal Year 2024


USCIS announces cap reached for additional H-2B visas in first half of 2024; visas for temporary nonagricultural workers. Quota for returning workers exceeded cap; focused on alleviating labor shortages. This announcement affects employers who rely on the H-2B workforce.

USCIS to Launch Organizational Accounts, Enabling Online Collaboration and H-1B Filing


USCIS will launch organizational accounts to facilitate online H-1B record filing and collaboration. This system will improve case management of skilled worker visas. The accounts allow for greater transparency and efficiency, benefiting employers and H-1B visa applicants.

USCIS Issues Policy Guidance on 'Employers' Ability to Pay Wages' Requirement When Adjustment of Status Applicants Change Employers


USCIS issues guidance on the 'Employer's Ability to Pay Wages' requirement for adjustments of status when changing employers. It affects green card and H-1B applicants, focusing on the financial stability of the employer. The guidance ensures that employers can sustain promised wages.

Special Passport Acceptance Fairs

U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Department of State organizes passport acceptance fairs to expedite the application process. These events primarily target first-time applicants and children, using the DS-11 form. The fairs, which are held throughout the United States, make it easier to obtain passports and add events on a weekly basis. Renewal applicants can use form DS-82 and renew by mail.

Important Passport Processing Updates

U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Department of State provides updates on passport processing. It is recommended to apply for passports at least 6 to 9 months in advance. Processing times vary and do not include mailing times. The Form Filler tool makes it easier to complete forms and reduces errors. It is essential to know the entry requirements of the destination country, such as passport validity.

Top Five Mistakes to Make When Applying for a Passport

U.S. Department of State - Date of publication not specified

The U.S. Department of State highlights the five most common mistakes when applying for a passport. They include not attaching the previous passport when renewing, errors on the DS-82 form, not following photo guidelines, lack of evidence of U.S. citizenship, and not including name change documents. The use of the Form Filler tool is emphasized to avoid errors and the importance of reviewing the entry requirements of the destination country.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

These Afro-Latinos also have a dream, just like Martin Luther King Jr. | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. For the Afro-Latino and Latino community living in the United States, the battle against discrimination is not over. Although they accept that the circumstances are different from those faced by Luther King, they assure that there is still much to be done.

The United States today commemorates the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. with a national holiday.

Voice of America / 1d

With tributes, parades and social actions throughout the nation, the United States remembers Martin Luther King Jr., the greatest civil rights leader, who dedicated his life to defend racial harmony and the realization of the American dream for all. Gustavo Cherquis reports.

Iowa Caucus

 Iowa Caucuses: "Trump's leadership confirmed".

Voice of America 

Former President Donald Trump won a significant endorsement in the Iowa caucuses, securing 51 % of the vote and 20 delegates, which, in the opinion of experts consulted by VOA, revalidates his leadership in the Republican party.

Trump wins Iowa caucus with more than 50% of the vote; DeSantis beats Haley into second place

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

With almost all the votes counted, former President Donald Trump won the Iowa caucus with 51%, something that, according to experts, projects him very well for the remainder of the Republican presidential primaries. In the dispute for second place, Ron DeSantis managed to beat Nikki Haley with percentages of 21% - 19%, respectively.

Iowa Republican Caucus Conclusions.


(CNN) -- Donald Trump proved Monday night that he is still your Republican Party . The former president won the Iowa Republican caucuses by an unprecedented margin , boosting his bid to win his party's third consecutive presidential nomination.

Trump celebrates victory in Iowa with an eye on the future | Telemundo News

300+Telemundo News - YouTube 

In his victory speech, the former president said he was grateful for the overwhelming advantage voters gave him over the other Republican candidates. Meanwhile, the battle for second place between Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley continues.

What does it mean that Ron DeSantis came in second place in Iowa? | Telemundo News

400+Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza explains the implications and reasons why the Florida governor got more votes than Nikki Haley in Iowa. He analyzes if this trend is likely to continue in the future.

What is a caucus in US politics? We explain

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

📌 The term 'caucus' refers to a local meeting or assembly of voters who gather to vote for the person they want to be their party's presidential candidate. 📌 This January 15, the presidential primaries begin. 📌 Iowa voters will be the first to express their preference for one of the Republican presidential hopefuls, through that state's caucus.

Donald Trump thanked Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott for their support: "They know something others don't."

El Diario NY 

Marco Rubio emphasized his accomplishments during Donald Trump's presidency, such as extending the Child Tax Credit and imposing sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba, and noted that these were achieved despite resistance from special interests and bureaucrats. He believes it is crucial to reversing the "disaster" attributed to Democrat Joe Biden and for the future of the United States.

VOA Explains: How are caucuses different from primaries in the US?

Voice of America 

In this edition of VOA Explains, we're going to dive back into the world of U.S. elections to unravel a key question: how are caucuses different from primaries?

Trump to immigrants: "As soon as I take office I will begin the largest deportation operation in history."

 La Opinión 

Former President Donald Trump warned that as soon as he takes office in 2025 he will begin his plan of mass deportations. "As soon as I am sworn in, I will end the Biden Administration's open borders policy and begin the largest deportation operation in the history...

Trump threatens "largest deportation operation in history" if he returns to office

47 El Diario NY 

Former President Donald Trump insisted on his proposal to carry out the "largest deportation operation in history" if he returns to the presidency of the United States. "As soon as I am sworn in, I will end the open borders policy of the Biden Administration and begin the op...


Biden administration tells Supreme Court that Texas made it "impossible" for feds to potentially help 3 Mexican immigrants who drowned in Rio Grande River


(CNN) -- The Joe Biden administration told the Supreme Court Monday night that Texas made it "impossible" for Border Patrol agents to provide aid to three Mexican immigrants who drowned in the Rio Grande River last week. In a new filing with the high court, the administration said the drownings of two children and a woman last Friday, as well as the drownings of three Mexican immigrants, made it "impossible" for Border Patrol agents to help them.

Greg Abbott blamed Joe Biden's administration for the deaths of migrants trying to reach the U.S.

 El Diario NY 

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, on Sunday blamed the government of Joe Biden for the deaths of migrants in the Rio Grande River. The Republican also rejected the accusations made against him by Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, who blamed him for the deaths of three foreigners, including...

Texas government gives its version of the death of a mother and her two children in the Rio Grande River

30 Telemundo 

 Texas government gives its version on the death of a mother and her two children | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. According to the White House, the Border Patrol tried to help the family, but the Texas government prevented it. However, in a statement, the state authorities assured that it was already too late when they tried to act.

 Mexico to investigate death of migrants who allege Texas officials blocked their aid


 A woman and two children died in the Rio Grande after CBP was prevented from intervening.

 La Opinión 

Federal officials reported Saturday that a woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande River Friday night in Eagle Pass, Texas , after U.S. border agents were prevented from responding . In a statement, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security di...

Texas revealed that it has sent more than 100,000 migrants to Democratic cities on buses.

 El Diario NY 

The Texas government announced that it has sent more than 100,000 asylum seekers on buses to Democratic-led cities such as New York and Chicago, which have housed large numbers of people and are currently facing serious problems in providing shelter and support for refugees.

New York mayor criticizes Texas governor for his mean-spirited treatment of immigrants

 La Opinión 

Eric Adams, mayor of New York, lashed out at Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, for his mean-spirited treatment of immigrants, which he claims devastates the lives of people who come to the United States in order to leave behind the lack of opportunities to prosper in the United States....

Like New York, New Jersey also requires Texas to give notice of migrant shipments


Three migrants die in the Rio Bravo: claim that Texas prevented agents from rescuing them

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

Last Friday a woman and two children drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River at Eagle Pass, Texas. Mexican authorities claim that the Border Patrol attempted to enter the area from the U.S. side; however, they denounce that the Texas National Guard prevented access. We tell you what the State of Texas responded in this regard.

Migrants drowned at the U.S. border

 Tiempo Latino 

A migrant woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande River at the U.S. border. The event occurred Friday night during their attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border without authorization. In the midst of this, U.S. border officials and a congressman ...

U.S. says Texas denied border agents access to park where three migrants drowned

Voice of America 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the state of Texas denied access to border agents to rescue three migrants.

White House demands Texas not to impede Border Patrol's work

Voice of America 

The U.S. Border Patrol alleges that Texas authorities prevented assistance to three migrants who drowned while crossing the Rio Grande on Friday at Eagle Pass. An incident that renewed the Biden Administration's condemnation of the state's border security measures.

The Border Patrol alleges that Texas authorities prevented assistance to three migrants who drowned.

Voice of America 

Three-minute news capsule with the latest news from the United States and the world. [6:00am Washington time]. Henry Llanos reports from the Voice of America studios in Washington.

A woman and two children drowned in the Rio Grande; Texas government reportedly prevented assistance, Homeland Security confirms


(CNN) -- The Department of Homeland Security confirmed Saturday that a woman and her two children drowned in the Rio Grande River Friday night while attempting to cross into the United States. The migrants died in the Shelby Park area of Eagle Pass, where the Texas government blocked access to Border Patrol agents. "In response to a distress call from Gov.

Exclusive: Biden Administration Demands Texas Stop Blocking Border Patrol Access Immediately


(CNN) -- The Biden administration demanded Sunday that Texas immediately halt its efforts to block U.S. Border Patrol access along part of the U.S.-Mexico border, where a woman and two children drowned Friday night after state officials barred agents from entering the area, according to a c

Abbott: "We didn't shoot immigrants because Biden would accuse us of murder".

 Tiempo Latino 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state is taking every measure possible to address the surge in immigration, short of shooting people who arrive at the border illegally. "We are deploying every tool and strategy we can.

Biden reacts to the death of a mother and her children in the Rio Grande River | Telemundo News

200+Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. The president called Governor Greg Abbott's actions "cruel, inhumane and dangerous" after the Texas National Guard allegedly prevented Border Patrol agents from assisting the woman and her children.

Government warns of measures against Texas | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. The Department of Homeland Security qualified as unconstitutional the unilateral takeover of Shelby Park by the Texas government, despite the disagreement of local authorities.

Greg Abbott says that in Texas they do not shoot migrants because they would be "charged with murder".


 More than 100 kidnapped migrants rescued in Mexico


Greg Abbott: incendiary insinuation of being able to "shoot" migrants crossing the border

 El Diario NY 

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott hinted that state authorities could shoot undocumented migrants crossing the borders into the United States from Mexico, but do not do so because U.S. Gov. Joe Biden would accuse them of murder. "We are i...

Democratic congressman holds Texas responsible for the deaths of two children and a woman in Rio Grande

 El Diario NY 

Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar blamed Texas authorities for a "tragedy" in which two minors and a woman drowned when they attempted to cross the Rio Grande River at the border with Mexico, by failing to respond to emergency calls from the Border Patrol.

The government asked Texas to stop blocking Border Patrol access to the border.

 El Diario NY 

The Biden administration has issued a strong rebuke to Texas on Sunday, calling for an immediate halt to the blockade the state National Guard imposed last week on a key part of the U.S.-Mexico border. According to the letter addressed to the Texas Attorney General, ...

The government asked Texas to stop blocking Border Patrol access to the border.

El Diario NY 

Department of Homeland Security General Counsel Jonathan Meyer asked Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton "that Texas immediately cease and desist from any action taken by the state."

Coast Guard returns 6 Cuban rafters amid growing migration crisis

 El Diario NY 

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) repatriated six Cuban immigrants, bringing the total number of maritime deportees to 63 as of early 2024 . This latest group, consisting of five men and one woman, was intercepted after leaving Cuba illegally last Friday, according to...

Biden says he is ready to undertake "major changes" on southern border, avoids calling situation a "crisis"

Voice of America 

U.S. President Joe Biden threatened to act by decree to implement changes in the operation of the country's southern border if an agreement is not reached with Congress. The president is facing criticism for the increase in the number of irregular migrants arriving in the area.

Homeland Security Secretary's visit to border does not assuage concerns of local leaders


Expanding express deportations considered in border security negotiations

 Telemundo / 1d


Curfew imposed on migrant shelters in New York and several will suffer the consequences


Curfew imposed on migrant shelters in New York City | Telemundo News

100+Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. Mayor Eric Adams implemented this new measure for migrants residing in shelters administered by the city. However, there are those who claim that they will no longer be able to go out to work at night or early in the morning, which will affect their pockets.

Why is there a curfew for immigrants from four shelters in New York? We explain

24Univision Noticias - YouTube 

The curfew for immigrants in four shelters in New York will go into effect starting this Tuesday. According to authorities, the measure was taken because some neighbors in the area complained that asylum seekers were asking for money every day in their homes.

Migrants in Ciudad Júarez find support as they decide their future, start working or return to their land

Voice of America 

In Conversando con la Voz de América today we take a closer look at Mexico's northern border and seek to understand the reality of the migrants who make it there. Sara Pablo interviews Santiago Gonzalez Reyes, director of Human Rights in Ciudad Juarez to put the issue in context.

726 migrants found in warehouse in central Mexico under investigation

Voice of America 

People from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Ecuador were found at the site, the immigration agency said. The group included 75 unaccompanied minors.

Immigrants sleep on buses in Chicago because shelters are overcrowded

Voice of America 

Immigrants sleep in public buses in Chicago to protect themselves from the cold. The shelters cannot cope with the high number of immigrants who have been sent from Texas.

The shelters created to house immigrants no longer have capacity in Chicago, and new arrivals are sleeping in public service buses.

Voice of America 

Three-minute news capsule with the latest news from the United States and the world. [7:00am Washington time]. Henry Llanos reports from the Voice of America studios in Washington.

Chicago struggles to house migrants in bitter cold as Texas governor refuses to stop people shipments


(CNN) -- Hoping to stem the influx of migrants as winter weather lashes Chicago, Illinois' Democratic governor warned in a letter Friday to his Republican counterpart in Texas that sending migrants now to "the windy city" could cost lives, adding to the already deadly cost of the immigration crisis. "While there is pending action at the federal level,

Cities redouble efforts to protect migrants from cold wave | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. Authorities, activists and residents in Denver, Chicago and other cities know that exposure to the freezing cold of these migrants can cause hypothermia and even death. In the absence of shelters, many receive blankets, tents and food.

Chicago temporarily halts eviction of migrants from snowstorm shelters

 El Diario NY 

The City of Chicago temporarily halted the eviction of migrants from shelters ahead of the arrival of the snowstorm. This was reported Friday by Mayor Brandon Johnson's office. "We are not kicking new arrivals out into the cold this winter. Our mission is to continue to be at the height...

Several cities step up efforts to protect migrants in the face of cold wave


She was kidnapped and the criminals took her blood so that her family would pay the ransom.

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

This Guatemalan migrant tells how, after being deported from the U.S. to Mexico, an alleged human trafficker approached her and offered to help her cross the border again; however, she ended up being kidnapped to demand a ransom from her family.

Her four children died in an accident, now she asks for a humanitarian visa for her remaining child

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

In December 2023, Paulina Gonzalez lost four children after a drunk driver crashed into her car in Wisconsin. Now, she is asking U.S. authorities for a humanitarian visa so that her only remaining son can travel from Ecuador to join her. "It's the request of a mother who was left almost alone," she says.

More than 700 migrants locked in a warehouse in Mexico rescued: suspects arrested

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

Mexican authorities carried out an operation following an anonymous call and rescued 726 migrants who were being held in a warehouse in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Among the undocumented immigrants found there were 75 unaccompanied children, 108 women and 399 men. Meanwhile, the alleged human traffickers were arrested.

Venezuelan migrant family settles in Florida under Biden's asylum program


 From icon of New York glamour and power to migrant refuge: the story of the legendary Roosevelt Hotel


 A Latina mother seeks support to legalize her status in the country to stay with her family.


 Thanks to this program, some 9,000 migrants arrived regularly and safely in the United States.


 Arrived from Haiti as a migrant and has found work for Three Kings Day


 Migrants celebrate Three Kings Day with unusual ceremony on Mexican side of border


 They came from Venezuela to the U.S. and were granted asylum. Then they lost it.

News in English - NYT 

Millions of asylum seekers have overwhelmed the U.S. immigration system. A confusing mix-up keeps a family in limbo.

Migrant will return to his country after the Beast amputated his legs: "I would not try it again".

 El Diario NY 

A Latino migrant who was traveling in search of the "American dream" decided to return to his country after his legs were amputated by a Beast train, which is part of a network in Mexico used by thousands of foreigners to reach areas near the U.S.-Mexico border....

Humanitarian parole and refugee status

Doubts persist about effectiveness of Biden's humanitarian parole

 Las Ame... 

MIAMI - The humanitarian parole created to favor Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Haitians reached its first anniversary while awaiting the decision of federal judge Drew B. Tipton, who must rule on whether this government initiative, created in January 2023 to order the removal of the Cuban, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan and Haitian nationals, will remain in place. Tipton, who must rule whether or not this governmental initiative, created in January 2023 to order the removal of the...

Nearly 141,000 people sought refuge in Mexico in 2023, the highest number in 10 years


(CNN Español) -- In 2023, 140,982 people requested refuge from the Mexican government for different reasons -- such as insecurity or feeling persecuted in their home countries -- representing the highest number recorded in a decade, according to the most recent statistics released by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Comar). During 2013, Comar registered 1,295 refugees.

Immigration Courts

USA: Record 3 million cases backlog in immigration courts

Voice of America 

The following is a news preview presented by Voice of America from Washington, D.C., with Leonardo Bonett.

Three million immigration cases are stalled | Telemundo News

200+Telemundo News - YouTube 

According to official data compiled by Syracuse University, the court backlog has grown by more than one million in the last fiscal year alone and is triple what it was in 2019.

More than 3 million immigration cases stuck in courts, a rising figure

 Las Ame... 

MIAMI - As authorities await new bipartisan legislation in the U.S. Congress aimed at reducing the number of migrants heading for the country's southern border, the backlog of cases in the courts is rising, with the main recipients of migrants being the U.S.....

A record three million cases are stalled in immigration courts


Other news

What is 'Secure Mobility', Biden's program to enter the U.S. legally?


But fears and uncertainty over the 3,000-mile journey between the Panama border and El Paso, Texas, led the Llanos to desist from the long walk and seek help from the program, which allows migrants to legally, safely and orderly enter the United States, explains...

Supreme Court accepted the case of an American woman and her Salvadoran husband who were denied a Green Card.

 El Diario NY 

The Supreme Court of Justice decided on Friday to review the case of an immigrant from El Salvador who was denied a visa and a Green Card that authorizes legal permanent residence in the United States, even though he has been married for years to a U.S. citizen.

Supreme Court reviews possible challenge to deportations if court notice lacks key information


In April 2021, the highest court of justice ruled that NTAs, also known as notices or summonses with incomplete or erroneous information, were invalid, a decision that favored hundreds, perhaps thousands of immigrants with or without papers who had pending proceedings in the courts of ...

He was denied residency on the grounds that he has gang tattoos. The Supreme Court could decide his case


Changes to U.S. immigration law must ensure orderly and fair processes, lawyers lobby


The hard wing of the Republican Party rejects this argument and insists that, before approving the border funds requested since October by Biden and the aid to Ukraine and Israel, the government, with the resources at its disposal, must increase border security, reduce illegal border crossings, and reduce the number of illegal...

MediCal expansion for 26-49 year olds brings peace of mind to immigrant parents

La Opinión 

All low-income residents who were in the My Health LA program will now receive health coverage through MediCal.

New York City street vendors live in fear of a wave of violent robberies

Telemundo News - YouTube 

A video shows the moment when a kiosk employee shouts for help as the assailants enter the place. Police believe it is a group targeting employees. The images may be disturbing.

Hispanic woman becomes first woman to head U.S. Naval Academy

Univision Noticias - YouTube 

Yvette Davids, with more than 30 years of service in the U.S. Army, previously became the first Latina to command a Navy warship.

More and more people in the U.S. want to enjoy Mexican food | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

According to the PEW center, the demand for their dishes is so high that other restaurants incorporate them to keep pleasing their clientele. "When they try it, they fall in love," a young man proudly assures. There are more than 80,000 Mexican restaurants in the country.

Red Cross issues emergency appeal in response to drop in blood donors | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. Faced with the drop of about 40% of donors, the Red Cross has launched a campaign to prevent the habit of helping others from being lost and to encourage more people to donate blood to replenish hospitals.

Use of artificial intelligence will affect jobs around the world | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - YouTube 

Official video from Telemundo News. Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned that this trend could deepen inequality and called for the problem to be addressed to prevent technology from exacerbating social tensions.

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