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Trump has more support among Latinos; Biden leads with African-Americans and Asians, My Code poll shows

La Opinión - January 11, 2024

A My Code poll indicates that Donald Trump is gaining more support among Latino voters, while Joe Biden holds the lead among African Americans and Asians. The study reveals changes in electoral trends and could influence the political strategies of both parties for future elections.

Gov. Abbott's Operation Lone Star took control of a public park on the border overnight; residents protest

Texas Public Radio - January 11, 2024

Operation Lone Star, led by Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, took control of a public border park in Eagle Pass at night, causing protests from residents. The move, part of the border security strategy, faces criticism for its impact on the local community and wildlife.

Texas takes control of public park on border to implement border security measures

Telemundo - January 11, 2024

The Texas government, under the direction of Governor Greg Abbott, has taken control of a public park in Eagle Pass as part of Operation Lone Star. This action, focused on reinforcing border security, has generated controversy and protests for its impact on the community and the environment.

Texas, Greg Abbott and Eagle Pass: public park at the center of border security controversy

CNN in English - January 11, 2024

Governor Greg Abbott's administration in Texas took control of a public park in Eagle Pass, generating controversy. This action, part of Operation Lone Star, is intended to reinforce border security, but has caused discontent among residents for its impact on the community and the environment.

Ron DeSantis' drastic bill that would affect teachers' unions and impact education in Florida

The Nation - January 11, 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing a bill that would significantly impact teachers' unions, affecting education in the state. The proposal, which seeks changes in the affiliation and financing of unions, has generated concern among educators and union members for its possible consequences on the education system.

Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass hold first binational meeting; migration was the topic of discussion

Zócalo - January 11, 2024

Authorities from Piedras Negras and Eagle Pass held their first binational meeting focused on migration. During the meeting, key issues such as border security, collaboration on migrant management and the socioeconomic impact of migration in both cities were discussed, seeking joint solutions to border challenges.

Homeless migrants in Colorado can shelter from the cold in this church (video)

Telemundo - January 11, 2024

Migrants in New York: Why did New York order migrants to vacate shelters?

El Comercio - January 11, 2024

New York City, led by Mayor Eric Adams, has ordered migrants to vacate temporary shelters, creating uncertainty about their future. The move, which seeks to relocate migrants to other housing, has raised questions about the city's ability to handle the influx.

Protesters demand closure of Brooklyn migrant shelter (video)

Telemundo - January 11, 2024

Migrants' plight in Chicago due to lack of shelters to protect them from the bitter cold

Univision - January 11, 2024

Migrants in Chicago face extreme conditions due to the lack of adequate shelter from the cold. Many are forced to sleep sitting in limited spaces, highlighting the urgent need for better shelter solutions and assistance during the winter months.

The drama of migrants in Chicago due to the lack of shelters to protect them from the intense cold. (video)

Univision - January 11, 2024

Immigration news: Trafficking in persons, politicians involved

El Nuevo Herald - January 11, 2024

El Nuevo Herald reports on the worrying involvement of political figures in human trafficking. This crime, which affects numerous victims, includes police and politicians among its perpetrators, evidencing a profound problem that transcends borders and requires immediate attention and forceful action.

Mexico affirms that it is taking care of the migrant caravan seeking to reach the US.

La Opinión - January 11, 2024

The Mexican government claims to be providing care to a migrant caravan on its way to the United States. The response includes security measures and humanitarian assistance, in an effort to effectively manage the situation of the migrants as they pass through Mexican territory in a dignified manner.

Number of human trafficking cases on the rise in Utah

Telemundo Utah - January 11, 2024

Utah is facing an alarming increase in human trafficking cases. This increase, which affects various sectors of the population, highlights the urgent need to strengthen prevention and protection measures for victims, as well as to intensify efforts to combat this serious crime.

How the new platform for immigration case tracking launched by USCIS works

Telemundo - January 11, 2024

MyProgress is a new USCIS digital platform for tracking immigration cases. This tool, designed to provide information and assistance to immigrants, facilitates access to updated data on immigration procedures and policies, improving transparency and efficiency in the immigration process.

INE and IOM present findings on migration and remittances in Honduras

Forbes Central America - January 11, 2024

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reveal significant data on migration and remittances in Honduras. This study, which provides key insights, highlights the economic and social importance of remittances and migration patterns in the country.

Church must remain steadfast in its defense of migrants, says El Paso bishop

Diocese of Tucson News - January 11, 2024

The Bishop of El Paso emphasizes the need for the Church to maintain a firm stance in the defense of migrants' rights. In his message, he highlights the importance of compassion and support for migrants, reinforcing the Church's commitment to social justice and human dignity.

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