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Hearing on the possible impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas

Voice of America - January 10, 2024

Alejandro Mayorkas, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, faces a possible impeachment hearing initiated by Republicans, who accuse him of mismanagement of the immigration crisis at the southern border. The hearing reveals partisan tensions and questions about immigration policies.

Rejection of Mayorkas impeachment by pro-immigrant organizations

La Opinión - January 10, 2024

Immigrant advocacy organizations reject the impeachment initiated by Republicans against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security. They criticize the politicization of the immigration crisis and defend Mayorkas' humanitarian approach to immigration policy.

The long road to impeach Mayorkas impeachment that would end up in Democratic hands (video)

Telemundo News - January 10, 2024

Impeachment proceedings against Alejandro Mayorkas pushed by Republicans

Confidential Report - January 10, 2024

Republicans initiate impeachment proceedings against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, accusing him of failures in handling the immigration crisis. The process reflects political divisions and challenges in U.S. immigration policy management.

Migration crisis and politics in the United States

El Tiempo Latino - January 10, 2024

The immigration crisis in the U.S. becomes a central issue in politics, with Republicans such as House Speaker Mike Johnson criticizing President Biden's administration. Partisan tensions and the impact on the Latino community are highlighted in the discussion.

Impact of Trump and Republican rhetoric on immigrants.

El Tiempo Latino - January 10, 2024

Donald Trump's rhetoric and announcements by Republican politicians generate fear among immigrants in Iowa. The statements, focused on restrictive immigration policies, reflect the political tension and the impact on the immigrant community's perception of safety.

Trump's unfounded conspiracy theory against Nik Mayorkas.

Telemundo - January 10, 2024

Donald Trump promotes an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, related to the management of the immigration crisis. These statements increase political polarization and affect public perception of the immigration administration.

Decrease in the flow of migrants in Chihuahua

El Diario de Chihuahua - January 10, 2024

In Chihuahua, there has been a significant decrease of more than half in the migratory flow. This change is attributed to various policies and factors, including security measures and changes in the perception of opportunities in the U.S., impacting migration dynamics in the region.

Texas requests to maintain restrictive immigration measures

The World - January 10, 2024

The state of Texas asks the court to uphold restrictive immigration measures, arguing security needs and illegal immigration control. This request reflects the ongoing debate over immigration policies in the U.S. and their implications for border states.

A helping hand for immigrants in Denver facing freezing temperatures (video)

Telemundo - January 10, 2024

Jobs as a solution to New York's immigration crisis

English.News - January 10, 2024

The article explores the possibility of job creation as a solution to the immigration crisis in New York. It discusses different perspectives on how labor supply could impact the integration and well-being of immigrants, as well as existing socioeconomic tensions.

Protests over immigrant relocation in New York City during storm

Univision - January 10, 2024

In New York, there are protests over the transfer of immigrants to a school during a storm, raising safety and welfare concerns. Parents of the students expressed their concern, highlighting the tensions in the management of immigrant reception in emergency situations.

Nearly 2,000 immigrants evacuated from a New York shelter and moved to a high school (video)

Univision - January 10, 2024

New York removes immigrant families from shelters

Telemundo - January 10, 2024

In New York, dozens of immigrant families are removed from shelters, facing uncertainty and hardship. This move, which has generated criticism, reflects the challenges in providing adequate housing and services for immigrants in high-demand situations.

Extension of TPS for Venezuelans and re-registration process

MiamiDiario - January 10, 2024

The US government extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans, announcing a re-registration process. This measure provides temporary relief to Venezuelans in the U.S., allowing them to reside and work legally, and reflects recognition of the crisis in Venezuela.

What do I need to know to renew my TPS for Venezuelans? (Video)

Univision - January 9th, 2024

Guatemalan immigrant charged in death of police officer in U.S.

El Universo - January 10, 2024

An immigrant from Guatemala is charged in the death of a police officer in the U.S. This case generates debate on security and immigration policies, highlighting the complexities in the interaction between immigrants and local authorities, as well as tensions in society.

Migrants in Mexico request humanitarian corridor

La Opinión - January 9, 2024

Thousands of injured and dehydrated migrants in Mexico request a humanitarian corridor. The situation highlights the harsh reality of migration and the need for humanitarian responses, highlighting the difficulties in the migratory route and the urgency of attention and protection.

Increase of immigrants in Quintana Roo due to the Mayan Train

The Fourth Estate - January 10, 2024

The Tren Maya project in Quintana Roo generates a significant increase of immigrants in the region. This phenomenon reflects how large infrastructure projects can influence migration patterns, presenting challenges and opportunities for local communities and immigrants.

Highlighting the Latino presence in Durham through the arts

Que Pasa Media - January 10, 2024

In Durham, the presence of the Latino community is highlighted through art. This cultural approach contributes to the visibility and recognition of Latinos, fostering integration and dialogue in a diverse society, and showcasing the richness of Latino cultural expressions.

Independent Spanish-language newscast launched in Washington, D.C.

The Yakima Sun - January 10, 2024

A Washington anchor launches an independent Spanish-language newscast, seeking to fill a news void. This initiative responds to the need for Spanish-language media, offering relevant and accessible news to the Spanish-speaking community, strengthening representation and access to information.

Controversy over Edison mayor's comments on immigrants

Hispanic New Jersey - January 10, 2024

The Edison mayor's comments about immigrants generate controversy, reflecting tensions about immigration in the community. This incident highlights the challenges of coexistence and respect for cultural diversity in today's societies, especially in areas with a high immigrant presence.

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