New website shows history of non-immigrant arrivals and departures

As of today, May 1, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CPB) has enabled a new website which provides nonimmigrants, who are only visiting the United States, with access to their entry and departure history, information that is recorded on Form I-94.

Form I-94 is evidence that an alien has been lawfully admitted to the United States. In March 2013, CPB began offering an electronic version of the Form I-94, Record of Entry-Departure, to streamline the admission process for nonimmigrants traveling to the U.S.

The new website The CBP website allows nonimmigrant travelers to have electronic access to entry and exit records, including dates and ports of entry for the past five years. The website will allow them to print the information.

To access the system you will need the following information as it appears in your passport:

1. Last name(s)

2. First Name

3. Date of birth

4. Passport number

5. Country that issued the passport

To get your most recent Form I-94, click on the button that says "Get Most Recent I-94". To get your arrival and departure history for the last five years, click on the button that says "Get Travel History".

The new website is only offered in English. To access a translation of the website, I recommend that you use Google Translate Google's translation service.