Mexican Consulates in the U.S. begin issuing copies of birth certificates

Any immigration process or application in the United States requires verification of a person's identity. Often, undocumented immigrants do not have some of the essential documents that prove their identity.

The Mexican government is facilitating the identity verification process of its citizens by authorizing its consulates in the U.S. to issue certified copies of birth certificates generated in Mexican national territory. The program is called "Come and get your certificate".

The authorization came into effect on January 15, 2015.

The process to obtain your certified copies is as follows:

  1. Present yourself at a Consular Post
  2. Bring an official identification that proves that you are the holder of the birth certificate.
  3. Provide your Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) if you have it.
  4. Fill out the corresponding application form
  5. Pay $13 for the cost of the copy of the minutes.

More information about this service can be obtained through the free MiConsulmex mobile application, or by calling the Centro de Información y Asistencia a Mexicanos (CIAM): 1-855-463-6395.