New York lottery will help immigrants to become citizens

Naturalize NY
On the Naturalize NY website they explain step by step the registration and lottery process.

The New York government wants to help low-income immigrants become U.S. citizens.

To that end, Governor Andrew Cuomo this month announced the start of an initiative called Naturalize NY.

Through a lottery, they will choose 2,000 immigrants to whom they will pay the $$680 citizenship application fee.

It is estimated that there are about 160,000 permanent residents in New York who qualify for the program.

To be eligible, the immigrant must be a permanent resident, live in New York and meet certain income requirements.

To participate, the person must register on the website

If you win the lottery, you will receive a voucher for the fee. But you will get it only if you work with an Office for New Americans Opportunity Center (ONA) to complete and file your naturalization application.

To participate in the lottery you must register before September 23, 2016.