Creation of legal fund announced to defend undocumented immigrants facing deportation

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the creation of a $$10 million fund to provide legal assistance to undocumented immigrants facing deportation proceedings.

The Los Angeles Justice Fund is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, the California Community Foundation, and the Weingart and California Endowment Foundations.

Local governments will contribute $$5 million to the fund, while the other half will come from private foundations. The most effective way to distribute the cash assistance will be determined in the coming weeks.

The Los Angeles Justice Fund will begin to be available to immigrants living in the Los Angeles area in early 2017.

According to estimates, there are 3,700 immigrants detained in the Los Angeles area who do not have legal representation. In addition, there are thousands of immigrants who have not yet been detained and who are or may soon be in deportation proceedings without an attorney.