Leaked White House documents indicate end of DACA

deletion of DAPA actionIt has been leaked the draft executive action by President Trump proposing to end DACA - the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The four-page document, which has not been officially corroborated or released, states that the goal is to "end unconstitutional executive amnesties" and that the executive action is intended to protect Congress' power on immigration issues.

According to the document, these are the key points of the executive action:

* Immediate elimination of the DACA deferred action program.
* Cessation of processing of new DACA applications.
* Elimination of DAPA - the Deferred Action for Parents program - and expansion of DACA, which never went into effect as they were blocked by a federal judge in February 2015.
* Respects the validity of work permits of DACA recipients until the document expires.

The draft executive action was posted on the website of the conservative organization FAIR, which proposes reforms to the immigration system, and was distributed by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

I will keep you informed about the changes and possible consequences if this executive order is issued.