Nearly 246,000 deferred action cases approved for USCIS increase to almost 246,000

More than 469,530 requests for deferred action have been submitted since USCIS opened the deadline for initiating the process.

According to figures provided by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), this government agency has received a total of 469,530 applications between August 15 and March 14, 2013. Of that number, USCIS has accepted 453,589 applications for processing; approved 245,493 and rejected 15,941.

To date, appointments for biometric services have been scheduled for 442,041 of the cases.

This graph shows the number of cases the USCIS is processing:


Most of the applicants are of Mexican origin and live in California.

The following chart shows the country of origin, where people who have requested deferred action live within the U.S. and the number of requests received so far:


Due to the large number of deferred action requests they have received, USCIS has had to move some of these cases being processed at the California Service Center to the USCIS Texas Service Center. People whose cases have been transferred may receive a letter notifying them of the change. These individuals do not have to do anything unless instructed to do so by USCIS.

It is important that every person who is eligible for the Deferred Action for Undocumented Youth program apply for the benefit. It is better to have temporary protection from deportation than none at all. In addition, people who are granted deferred action will be able to have a work permit if they demonstrate that they have an economic need. By having a work permit, they will be able to apply for social security and a driver's license.

Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. Be sure to consult with an immigration attorney or a federally accredited representative before beginning the process.

Do not go to notaries, immigration consultants, paper fillers or multi-services.

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