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On the day that Dominican flavor fills the serious halls of Congress with music

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

Dominican Day on Capitol Hill," an initiative of Democratic Congressman Adriano Espaillat, celebrates for the sixth consecutive year the achievements of the Dominican community in U.S. politics. This annual event transforms the halls of Congress with Dominican music and culture, highlighting the influence and contributions of Dominicans in U.S. society. Telemundo News covers this special day, showing how Dominican joy and flavor fill one of the most emblematic spaces in U.S. politics.

Economic development on the U.S.-Mexico border.

CNN en Español - February 7, 2024

Despite the challenges presented by the recent immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, there are positive aspects to highlight, especially in terms of economic development. John Beckham, Director of the North American Development Bank, shares his perspective on the economic "boom" being experienced in the border area, benefiting both countries. This growth not only improves local economies, but also offers new opportunities for cross-border cooperation and sustainable development in the region.

For the first time in 20 years the U.S. buys more goods from Mexico than from China

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

For the first time in two decades, Mexico has surpassed China as the United States' top trading partner in terms of imported goods. In 2023, "Made in Mexico" products accounted for more than 15% of exports to the U.S., marking a significant milestone in trade relations between the two countries. This shift highlights Mexico's growing importance in the U.S. economy and reflects a change in global trade dynamics. Noticias Telemundo analyzes the implications of this shift, considering how geographic proximity and trade agreements have favored Mexico in this new economic scenario.

The Mexican who is among the first in the world with a Tesla Cybertruck

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

Ivan Lozano, a Mexican engineer in Silicon Valley, California, became one of the first Tesla Cybertruck owners in the world. After waiting three years since placing his order, Lozano shares his experience behind the wheel of his "Cyberbeast," highlighting the vehicle's unique capabilities and the attention it attracts. This Noticias Telemundo segment highlights not only the technological innovation behind the Cybertruck, but also the pride and anticipation of an owner who has been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

ICE conducts deportation flights for single adults and family units on Feb. 7

ICE - February 7, 2024

On February 7, 2024, ICE, in collaboration with DHS and CBP, conducted deportation flights for single adults and families to Bangladesh, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, marking an ongoing effort since May 2023 that has resulted in the deportation or return of more than 530,000 individuals. This number includes more than 88,000 family members, highlighting a focus on security and the humane and orderly processing of non-citizens with no lawful basis to remain in the U.S. ICE's Air Operations unit has been instrumental, conducting 142,580 deportations and 62,545 Title 42 removals in FY 2023 to more than 170 countries. This process ensures that all individuals are assessed for valid claims of protection and withholding of removal, in line with U.S. law and international obligations, reaffirming the U.S. commitment to the effective and respectful management of its immigration policies.

Previously deported gang member wanted in Honduras for drug distribution captured by ERO Boston

ICE - February 7, 2024

ERO Boston arrested a Honduran national, a member of the notorious 18th Street gang, with multiple convictions in the U.S. and wanted in his home country on drug distribution charges. The individual, previously deported from the U.S. six times, was captured after attempting to cross the northern U.S. border on February 1. Sentenced in Honduras in October 2022 to four years and six months for drug trafficking, he fled before serving his sentence, leading to the issuance of a warrant for his arrest. ICE will hold him in custody pending his deportation, reaffirming ERO's commitment to public safety and enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

DHS Blue Campaign partners with Lyft to educate rideshare drivers about human trafficking

DHS - February 7, 2024

The DHS Blue Campaign and Lyft, Inc. have announced a new tutorial program that will help rideshare drivers in the United States and Canada detect and prevent human trafficking. This program is part of an unprecedented partnership between Lyft and the DHS Blue Campaign, which will include human trafficking resources in Lyft's exclusive Driver Learning Center. The initiative seeks to raise awareness about this heinous crime, teach drivers how to identify signs that someone might be a victim, and provide them with resources to help, including guidance on how to contact the proper authorities. As the first major activation of this partnership, Lyft will notify drivers in the Las Vegas area during the 2024 Super Bowl, an event where human trafficking may be most prevalent. This effort underscores DHS and Lyft's commitment to the fight against human trafficking, promoting a safer and more aware society.

Migrant operation selling fake IDs to other undocumented immigrants in Chicago dismantled

La Opinión - February 7, 2024

In Chicago, an operation led by three migrants dedicated to selling fake IDs to undocumented immigrants to obtain employment was dismantled by Illinois authorities. Facundo Donato Meneses García, Francisco Javier Otero Rosas, and Keneth Jareth Ulloa Rodríguez were arrested after a raid on their residence, where almost 500 fake ID cards and illegal substances were found. This network exploited the vulnerability of migrants, especially Venezuelans, by recruiting them to steal goods in exchange for false documents. The case highlights the desperation of individuals without legal employment capacity and the exploitation of their situation, in a context of increasing Venezuelan migration to Chicago.

Immigration agents who attacked police in New York denied arrest in Phoenix: "They are still at large".

La Opinión - February 7, 2024

Contrary to previous reports, authorities confirmed that the migrants detained in Phoenix are not related to the attack on two police officers in New York City on January 28. The Manhattan District Attorney's Office and a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer clarified that the real suspects in the Times Square incident are still at large. The Phoenix detainees, captured on a bus to California, are being prosecuted for immigration violations, while warrants exist for three of the four original suspects. This case has generated public condemnation and questions about bail policies, especially after some suspects were released without bail following their prosecution in Manhattan.

Search continues for police beating suspects

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

Authorities have intensified the search for two individuals allegedly involved in a violent assault against police officers during an attempted arrest on January 27. Noticias Telemundo reports that photos of the suspects have been released in an effort to solicit the public's help in their capture. This incident has prompted a wave of criticism from Republican leaders towards prosecutor Alvin Bragg, questioning his handling of violence and public safety. The situation underscores the challenges in fighting crime and the importance of community cooperation in identifying and apprehending those responsible.

Solitary confinement increasingly used against immigrant detainees, report says

Telemundo - February 7, 2024

A study reveals that immigrant detainees have been subjected to solitary confinement more than 14,000 times in the past five years, with periods exceeding the 15-day threshold considered by the UN as torture. Researchers from Harvard and Physicians for Human Rights documented extreme abuses against immigrants in solitary confinement, including physical, verbal and sexual abuse. ICE, which holds more than 38,000 people in detention, limits the use of solitary confinement as a "last resort." However, the increase in the use of this practice, especially under the guise of medical isolation during the pandemic, has been notable. Records indicate that the average duration of solitary confinement over the past five years was 27 days, almost double what the UN considers torture, with more than 680 cases lasting at least three months. This report underscores the plight of immigration detainees and the psychological and physical impact of solitary confinement.

Border security plan B that Biden is analyzing

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

President Biden's administration is considering implementing executive actions as a Plan B for border security in anticipation of a possible increase in immigration crossings. According to a senior official who spoke to NBC News, these measures seek to strengthen the border and more effectively manage migration. The decision to resort to executive actions underscores the urgency of addressing border security and migration challenges, in a context where legislative solutions face obstacles. Telemundo News details how this approach could influence migration policy and international relations, especially with migrants' countries of origin and transit.

Senate Republicans block bipartisan border security bill

Voice of America - February 7, 2024

The attempt to advance a bipartisan border security bill in the U.S. Senate has failed, after Republican senators blocked the plan. This bill not only sought to strengthen border security but also included aid for Ukraine and Israel. Voice of America Washington reporter Paula Diaz covers this development, highlighting the political implications and divisions within the Senate. This impasse underscores the complexities of U.S. politics on issues of national security and international relations, as well as the challenge of reaching bipartisan agreements in a polarized political environment.

The keys to immigration reform that Congress will vote on (and probably not pass)

Univision Noticias - February 7, 2024

The border security deal, negotiated by a bipartisan group of senators, reaches Congress on Wednesday, facing division among Republicans, especially after opposition from former President Trump. This Univision Noticias video explains the key details of the immigration reform proposal, highlighting the political tensions and implications for the Hispanic community in the United States. The reform seeks to address critical security and immigration issues, but its future is uncertain due to political divisions.

New York to provide debit cards for immigrants' food

Voice of America - February 7, 2024

New York City has launched an initiative to address food waste in shelters and promote more efficient use of resources by providing debit cards to migrants for food purchases. This program seeks to offer migrants greater autonomy in their food choices, while reducing waste and optimizing spending on food provision in shelters. Angela Gonzalez, a journalist with Voice of America, explains how this program will not only benefit migrants in terms of meeting their specific dietary needs, but also represents a step forward in the efficient management of the city's resources.

Xóchitl Gálvez talks to Univision about immigration and organized crime

Univision Noticias - February 7, 2024

Xóchitl Gálvez, Mexico's opposition presidential candidate, in an interview with Univision, addressed critical issues such as immigration and organized crime. Gálvez highlighted the need to make the border with Guatemala "much more secure" and emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of migration. He proposes developing a comprehensive strategy against organized crime, collaborating with the best specialists in the field. His approach suggests a shift towards policies more focused on security and social welfare, with the goal of addressing the challenges that drive migration and crime in Mexico.

Two lapses by Biden in 48 hours: confuses Macron for Mitterrand and Hamas as the opposition

Univision Noticias - February 7, 2024

In a span of 48 hours, President Biden made two notable mistakes during his public remarks. First, he confused French President Emmanuel Macron with the late François Mitterrand, who died in 1996, when referring to an event the two reportedly shared three years ago. The following day, Biden struggled to correctly refer to the armed group Hamas, struggling unsuccessfully to find the right words. These incidents have been covered by Univision Noticias, highlighting the importance of accuracy in official statements and the possible implications of such lapses in diplomacy and public perception.

Supreme Court analyzes whether Trump will be on Colorado ballot

Telemundo News - February 7, 2024

The U.S. Supreme Court is evaluating arguments for and against the disqualification of former President Donald Trump from appearing on the Colorado ballot because of his role during the assault on the Capitol. This case highlights the political and legal tensions surrounding Trump and his political future. Telemundo News reports on this important event, which could have significant implications for the elections and the U.S. political landscape. The Court's decision will not only affect Colorado, but could also set a precedent for other states and for Trump's eligibility in future electoral contests.

U.S. Supreme Court decides Trump's political future

Voice of America - February 7, 2024

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to hear a landmark case that could define former President Donald Trump's eligibility to run again. This case, which begins tomorrow, has profound implications for the 2024 presidential race, putting at stake not only Trump's political future but also fundamental questions about the eligibility criteria for the presidency. The Supreme Court's decision is highly anticipated, as it will set a significant precedent for American politics and constitutional interpretation related to a former president's ability to compete in future elections.


She knew the photos of her wedding 62 years later: the story of the "Pirucha" album

CNN en Español - February 7, 2024

"Pirucha", 87, lived to see the photos of her wedding to Enrique, the love of her life, whom she married in 1961 in Buenos Aires, only 62 years later. A series of unfortunate events prevented her from seeing the images of her special day, leaving her with only a few deteriorated miniatures. The story takes an exciting turn when one of her sons and her fiancé, a professional photographer, decide to restore the 200 images of the wedding. After months of work, they surprise "Pirucha" with the restored album, capturing her reaction in a touching moment. This story highlights the sentimental value of photographs and the impact of technology in preserving precious memories.

One-third of real estate agents have clients relocating due to local laws or policies by 2023: Redfin survey

BusinessWire - February 6, 2024

According to a survey conducted by Redfin, approximately one-third (32%) of real estate agents in the U.S. have had at least one client relocate primarily because of local laws or politics in the past year. The survey, conducted by Qualrics in December 2023, reflects how political preferences and state and local laws are increasingly influencing people's relocation decisions. While factors such as housing affordability and proximity to family and work are often more determinative, the rise of remote work has allowed more Americans to consider their political preferences when choosing where to live. Agents reported significant moves from Democratic-leaning states to more conservative areas, as well as from conservative states to the West Coast, seeking alignment with their personal values, especially on issues of reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights.

Government extends ban on Canadian home purchases by foreigners

CBC News - February 4, 2024

Canada's federal government has extended its ban on home purchases by foreigners until early 2027, announced Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland. This measure, initially put in place in 2022, seeks to ensure that housing is used as homes for Canadian families rather than becoming speculative financial assets. Despite doubts from some experts about the significant impact of this ban on housing affordability, given the small proportion of the housing market owned by non-Canadians, the government is maintaining the measure as part of its strategy to address the country's housing affordability crisis. The ban includes exemptions for some international students, asylum seekers and temporary workers, and allows for the purchase of buildings with four or more residences in less populated areas. 


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