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Biden-Harris Administration Finalizes Policies to Increase Access to Health Coverage for DACA Recipients

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - May 3, 2024

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has finalized a regulation that will allow DACA recipients access to qualified health planss through the Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, benefiting an estimated 100,000 currently uninsured dreamers. This rule, which takes effect on November 1, 2024, eliminates previous restrictions and facilitates enrollment in health coverage, contributing to the improved well-being of dreamers and supporting economic and public health objectives by reducing the number of uninsured.

Statement by President Joe Biden on the final rule to extend health coverage to DACA recipients.

The White House - May 3, 2024

President Joe Biden announced a final rule extending health coverage to DACA recipientsemphasizing his administration's commitment to fairness and support for immigrants. This measure will allow more than 800,000 undocumented youth to access health programs such as Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace, emphasizing the importance of health as a fundamental right for all, regardless of their immigration status.

Fact Sheet: Biden-Harris Administration Expands Health Coverage to DACA Recipients

The White House - May 3, 2024

The Biden-Harris administration has enacted a new policy that extends health coverage to DACA recipients, reaffirming its support for the immigrant community. This change will provide access to essential health care programs to more than 800,000 young people, ensuring that they can obtain medical services without fear of discrimination based on their immigration status. The measure reflects a significant step toward inclusion and recognition of the rights of immigrants in the United States.

Biden administration expects 100,000 dreamers to enroll in Obamacare by 2025

Univision - May 3, 2024

The Biden Administration anticipates that approximately 100,000 dreamers will enroll in Obamacare by 2025. This initiative is part of a broader effort to expand access to essential services and improve living conditions for undocumented youth in the United States. In addition to benefiting from protections against deportation, these young people will be able to access affordable, quality health coverage, representing a significant advance in their rights and well-being in the country.

Xavier Becerra discusses the new rule that will give 'Obamacare' health insurance to dreamers

Telemundo News - May 3, 2024

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra announced a new policy that will allow 100,000 DACA beneficiaries to access affordable health insurance under Obamacare. This measure represents a significant advance towards the inclusion of dreamers in public health services.

President Biden announces the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The White House - May 3, 2024

President Joe Biden has announced the names of the nineteen recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. Among the honorees are leaders and pioneers who have contributed significantly to America's prosperity and values, including Dr. Ellen Ochoa, Teresa Romero, Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore and Michelle Yeoh. This distinction recognizes their outstanding contributions in diverse fields such as public service, education, activism and the arts.

Resettlement Diplomacy Network Senior Officials Meeting

U.S. Department of State - May 1, 2024

From April 29 to May 1, 2024, the third Senior Officials Meeting of the Resettlement Diplomacy Network, chaired by the United States, was held in Washington, D.C. The meeting was attended by government representatives from a number of countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Commission. Government representatives from a number of countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Commission, participated. They discussed the impact and priorities of refugee resettlement and complementary pathways, such as emergency transit infrastructure and community sponsorship models.

Rescue of migrant by Tucson Branch Air Crews

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - May 2, 2024

On April 30, 2024, a U.S. Air and Maritime Operation Aircrew rescued a man trapped in the rugged terrain of the Baboquivari Mountains. During a flight to a search and rescue demonstration event for journalists, the crew diverted to respond to a migrant in distress. The man was rescued via harness and handed over to Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue agents for medical attention.

ERO Boston arrests Guatemalan national convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Connecticut

ICE - May 2, 2024

On April 24, 2024, deportation officers from the Office of Removal and Removal Operations (ERO) in Hartford arrested a 35-year-old Guatemalan national after he was released from Connecticut state authorities, where he served part of his 17-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. This individual had entered the U.S. illegally in March 2007 and was convicted on October 11, 2013. An immigration judge issued a final order of deportation in 2014. He is currently in ICE custody awaiting removal proceedings.

ERO Philadelphia expels Peruvian citizen

ICE - May 2, 2024

ERO Philadelphia executed the deportation of Jorge Chavez Montoya, a Peruvian citizen, from the United States to Peru on April 18. Chavez, a convicted felon and fugitive from U.S. justice since 1996, was arrested for cocaine trafficking in 1995 and extradited from Peru in 2015 to face justice in the U.S. In 2016, he was convicted of conspiracy to import cocaine and sentenced to 121 months in prison. After serving his sentence, he was transferred to ERO custody for final removal, highlighting ERO's focus on removing non-citizens who pose a threat to public safety.

Virginia residents will need a REAL ID to board airplanes starting in May 2025.

Transportation Security Administration - May 2, 2024

Beginning May 7, 2025, Virginia residents will be required to present a REAL ID-compliant driver's license or identification card to board domestic flights or access secure federal facilities. This requirement is part of a federal effort to improve the reliability and accuracy of IDs to inhibit the use of fraudulent IDs. Citizens must visit a Virginia DMV office with appropriate documents to obtain their REAL ID.

Not everyone likes to have a woman in charge

La Voz, Bard College - May 2024

Alexandra Vivas, a Mexican film producer who has worked on projects such as "Severance," "The Witch" and "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin," discusses the challenges of being a woman in a leadership role in a male-dominated industry. Vivas, who began her career in the U.S. after moving from Mexico and studying at Columbia, emphasizes the importance of minority representation and support in the film industry. Throughout her career, she has seen an improvement in equity and inclusion, although she acknowledges that there is still a long way to go to achieve organic and meaningful representation.

Assistance to asylum seekers in the Hudson Valley

La Voz, Bard College - May 2024

In the Hudson Valley, asylum seekers face numerous challenges, from language barriers to lack of employment without adequate documents. Programs such as "Still Waters in a Storm" offer English classes and community support to these immigrants. Local organizations and volunteers provide legal and nutritional assistance, organizing activities that help immigrants integrate and manage the complicated asylum process. The Bard College project collaborates with Neighbor's Link to assist applicants in preparing their asylum applications, demonstrating a community and academic effort to ease the transition and adaptation of immigrants.

Latino senator emerges as migrant advocate in polarized political debate

Los Angeles Times - May 1, 2024

Senator Alex Padilla, the son of Mexican migrants and representative from California, has stood out as an advocate for migrants at a critical time of political polarization in the U.S. With a focus on moral integrity and national security, Padilla urges his party to address immigration with courage and fairness, resisting trends of tightening immigration policies. Facing the challenge of the growing political crisis over illegal immigration, Padilla works to balance border security with meaningful reforms for migrants already in the country.

Challenges in voter registration for U.S. elections 2024

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

In the context of the U.S. 2024 elections, organizations face unprecedented hostility and legal challenges when attempting to register new voters, exacerbating distrust in the electoral process. In states such as Florida, registration drives are hampered by restrictions, and volunteers are being harassed and assaulted, leading to the implementation of new security protocols. This situation reflects a climate of polarization and misinformation that complicates electoral participation, especially in key states such as Arizona, where distrust has intensified due to conspiracy theories about the vote count.

Impact of Trump's mass deportation proposal.

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

Donald Trump's proposed mass deportation plan could affect millions of U.S. families that include both citizens and non-citizens. Of the 130 million households in the U.S., approximately 5.6 million have undocumented immigrants. The proposal, which includes the use of the National Guard and possibly the military, would affect entire families, leaving some members out of the country and others, such as citizen children, potentially without caregivers. The roots of many undocumented immigrants in the U.S. run deep, with an average stay of 16 years, posing significant challenges and extensive humanitarian consequences if such an operation is carried out.

Texas National Guard ignores migrant pleas

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

A recent video has exposed how Texas National Guard officers fired into the Mexican side, ignoring pleas from migrants, including children, for a cease-fire. This incident has generated considerable controversy over border management tactics.

Demands for work permits and immigration reform in Pilsen

La Raza - May 2nd, 2024

In Pilsen, during the celebration of International Workers' Day, labor and immigrant leaders demanded that the Biden administration speed up the issuance of work permits and comprehensive immigration reform. Martin Unzueta, a community leader, emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of immigrants and providing them with the legal tools to work and live with dignity. Chicago's Deputy Mayor for Immigrant, Migrant and Refugee Affairs, Beatriz Ponce de Leon, reiterated the city's commitment to immigrant rights, underscoring the centrality of immigrant workers to the U.S. economy.

2025 Visa Lottery Results

El Nuevo Herald - May 2, 2024

The U.S. Department of State has announced that the results of the 2025 Diversity Visa Program will be available as of May 4, 2024. This program offers 55,000 green cards to individuals from countries with low rates of emigration to the U.S., selected at random. Participants must verify their status online using their confirmation number. If selected, they must complete the DS-260 form and pass a consular interview. It is crucial to act quickly as visas are granted on a first-come, first-served basis and the program has an annual limit.

U.S. Visa Lottery: how to check results and what winners should do

Univision News - May 2, 2024

Thousands of people will find out if they have won in the U.S. visa lottery this Saturday. Those selected will not receive notifications by mail and must verify their status online by September 30, 2025.

Republicans call for review of immigrants on terrorist watch list

Tiempo Latino - May 2, 2024

A group of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives has called for a comprehensive federal review of procedures for immigrants appearing on the terrorist watch list. This action responds to concerns about the effectiveness of current border security and background check policies. Lawmakers are calling for greater transparency and evaluation of FBI and Customs and Border Protection operations, with the possibility of developing legislative solutions to enhance national security.

New anti-immigrant law in North Carolina

Tiempo Latino - May 2, 2024

North Carolina has passed a new law allowing local authorities to detain undocumented immigrants in cooperation with ICE. This move follows a trend in several states to implement stricter laws against illegal immigration. The law has drawn significant pushback from immigrant advocacy groups, who are urging the governor to veto the measure. If signed into law, it will directly affect immigrant communities and could lead to increased local cooperation with federal immigration policies.

Concerns about the permanence of immigrants under humanitarian parole in the U.S.

Tiempo Latino - May 2, 2024

The Biden administration's humanitarian parole program has allowed approximately 400,000 immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to enter the U.S. since October 2022. Although the permission to stay is temporary, with a limit of up to two years, experts warn that many could stay indefinitely due to the current limitations of the immigration system and lack of effective monitoring. This situation poses significant challenges for U.S. immigration infrastructures, with possible long-term implications in terms of policy and security.

What is the key driver of current U.S. economic growth?

Bloomberg en Español - May 2, 2024

Immigration numbers play a crucial role in U.S. economic growth, according to JPMorgan's Michael Feroli. During an interview on Bloomberg Radio, he explained how these numbers affect the economy and highlighted the recent rise in national inflation.

Florida approves law to facilitate practice of foreign physicians

Voice of America - May 2, 2024

Florida has passed a law that allows foreign physicians to practice in the state without completing the customary medical residency requirement. Despite this new regulation, experts point out that the implementation of the regulation needs clarification.

From tens to thousands: 5 countries that are transforming immigration to the U.S.

Univision News - May 2, 2024

In the last ten years, immigration to the U.S. has seen a significant shift, with new nationalities emerging due to economic and political crises, displacing the traditional dominance of Mexico and Central America.

Between cold and hunger: how a group of migrants camped on the California border lives

Univision News - May 2, 2024

In the town of Jacumba, California, approximately 70 miles from San Diego, a group of migrants are camped out waiting to be processed by immigration authorities, facing difficult conditions of cold and hunger.

Transportation, shelter and food: how organizations in San Diego help released migrants

Univision News - May 2, 2024

In San Diego, volunteer organizations are actively involved in helping released migrants, providing them with transportation, food, clothing and assistance to continue their journey. This assistance has become essential in the face of the growing number of migrants arriving in the city each day.

New anti-immigrant law in Georgia requires surrender of undocumented immigrants

Tiempo Latino - May 2, 2024

Georgia has implemented a new anti-immigrant law requiring state law enforcement to notify and hold undocumented immigrants for surrender to ICE. Signed by Governor Brian Kemp, the law was prompted in part by the death of a nursing student, allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant. This legislation has been criticized by immigrant rights advocates, who argue that it fosters fear and distrust in the community, discouraging cooperation with police and crime reporting.

Georgia Governor signs law allowing police to detain undocumented immigrants

Univision News - May 2, 2024

Governor Brian Kemp has signed HB-1105 into law in Georgia, which gives state police the authority to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and detain immigrants who have entered the United States illegally.

Governor signs law requiring police to hand over undocumented migrants

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

In response to the murder of a student, for which a Venezuelan immigrant is a prime suspect, a new law in Florida requires police officers to notify ICE if they have an undocumented person in custody.

Activists protest against anti-immigrant bill

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

Activists in North Carolina have expressed their rejection of a new bill that, if passed, could increase the number of separated families and people detained without having committed crimes, significantly affecting the immigrant community.

AMLO says they are acting against migrant smuggling. Condemnations do not back him up

Telemundo News - May 2, 2024

Mexican President AMLO has defended his government's actions against migrant smuggling, despite criticism and a lack of significant condemnation. Telemundo News revealed that 19,000 migrants have been smuggled in the last six years.


Investigation reveals 19,000 migrant smuggling trips in Mexico in last 5 years

La Opinión - May 2, 2024

A report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed that some 19,000 migrants have been smuggled through Mexico in cargo trucks between 2018 and 2023. Often facing dangerous conditions, these migrants have been victims of violence and extortion by criminal gangs. Despite regulations, clandestine transportation remains a lucrative industry, generating significant revenue for the cartels involved. This illicit traffic has resulted in numerous tragedies, including deaths from exposure to extreme conditions inside vehicles unsuitable for human transport.

Authorities rescue 407 migrants abandoned in three buses in southern Mexico

La Opinión - May 2, 2024

In an operation in Veracruz, Mexico, police rescued 407 migrants abandoned in three buses. The migrants, from several Latin American and Caribbean countries, including unaccompanied minors and families, were found in precarious conditions. They were transferred to reception facilities and immigration stations to receive assistance and continue with the corresponding legal procedures. This event underscores the humanitarian crisis on the migration route through Mexico, marked by abandonment and exploitation of migrants.

Closing the Darien jungle, anti-migration discourse creeps into Panama's elections

El Diario NY - May 2, 2024

The electoral campaign in Panama has been marked by a strong anti-migration discourse, with some candidates promising to close the Darien jungle, the natural border with Colombia, as a measure to control migration. This proposal has generated debate about the feasibility and humanity of closing a crucial route for migrants seeking a better life in North America. Human rights activists and opponents describe these promises as demagoguery and warn against the implications of treating migrants as criminals, underscoring the need for more compassionate and realistic approaches to migration.

California to ban 'hidden charges' on restaurant bills: here's what we explain

Univision News - May 2, 2024

California will implement a new law on July 1 that will eliminate 'hidden charges' on restaurant bills. While this measure is expected to help consumers, experts warn that it could lead to higher prices for services.

Exclusive: FBI investigated father of Light of the World leader for child molestation

Univision News - May 2, 2024

Documents reveal that the FBI investigated Samuel Joaquin Flores, father of the current leader of La Luz del Mundo, for suspected child abuse and migrant smuggling at his ranch in Texas. This case highlights serious problems within the church.



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