Immigration news today 29 November 2022

Below, I attach some headlines and links to recent U.S. immigration news. This summary has been compiled with the assistance of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) of which I am a member and which may be of interest to you.




Telemundo News  Supreme Court to consider Texas' arguments against Biden's immigration policies (Video)

November 28, 2022



Univision Supreme Court to begin its review of Biden administration's deportation priorities

By Jorge Cancino

November 28, 2022


Millennium 1,800 migrants deported from Piedras Negras in the last month

November 28, 2022


Success Factor U.S. DEPORTED 190 HAITIANS FROM MIAMI, INCLUDING 46 CHILDREN. U.S. deported 190 Haitians from Miami, including 46 children

November 28, 2022




Department 19 Democratic senators express concern over end of Title 42

November 28, 2022




La Opinión (CA) Makeshift camp in Ciudad Juarez where Venezuelan migrants had been waiting for more than a month to cross into the U.S. is evicted.

By BBC News World

November 28, 2022


El Diario-La Prensa (NY) Migrants and authorities clash in northern Mexico over evictions

By Agencia EFE

November 28, 2022


Univision News  Migrants and authorities clash at U.S.-Mexico border during eviction attempt (Video)

November 28, 2022



Univision  Burnt tents and crying children: hundreds of migrants are evicted from the border of the Bravo River (Video)

November 28, 2022



Telemundo News  Hundreds of migrants sleep outdoors in Ciudad Juarez after violent eviction from their encampment (Video)

November 28, 2022



Telemundo News  Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants clash with police during an eviction in Ciudad Juárez (Video)

November 28, 2022



La Voz de Cádiz Hundreds of Venezuelan immigrants forcibly evicted in Ciudad Juárez

November 28, 2022




Department 19 More than 40 groups will make pilgrimage on U.S.-Mexico border to highlight humanitarian crisis

November 28, 2022


Poblano Monitor Migrants plan caravan of 2,000 people at Mexico's southern border

November 28, 2022




La Verdad Republicans want Mayorkas resignation by Jan. 3

November 28, 2022




Telemundo News "People don't feel safe or protected in the U.S." Number of Mexicans seeking asylum in Canada soars

By Zachary Kamel - The Associated Press

November 28, 2022


Inoticiasmx Mexicans seek refuge in Canada

November 28, 2022




La Opinión (CA) AMLO calls for respect for Mexicans living in the U.S. and to put aside xenophobia and anti-immigrant campaigns

By César Reyes

November 28, 2022


Statesman Journal What Oregon farmers should know about the H2A visa program

By Shannon Sollitt

November 28, 2022


La Opinión (CA) Mexico receives $$2 million from Japan and IOM to assist migrants

By Deutsche Welle

November 28, 2022




El Nuevo Herald  Despite their historic defeat in Florida, Democrats can rectify mistakes

By Fabiola Santiago

November 25, 2022


The Tribune The Reconquest: The Hispanic Challenge in the United States

By José A. Friedl Zapata

November 28, 2022




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