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DOL recovers nearly $100K in wages, damages for 31 Oklahoma construction workers

U.S. Department of Labor - March 27, 2024

The U.S. Department of Labor has successfully recovered nearly $100,000 in wages and damages for 31 Oklahoma construction workers employed by Future Inc. who were misclassified as independent contractors. This misclassification denied them proper overtime pay for their work. In 2023, more than $35.5 million in wages owed to construction workers were discovered. The Department published a final rule in January 2024 that revises guidance on the classification of employees and independent contractors, seeking to prevent misclassification and ensure that workers receive appropriate labor protections.

A decade of documenting more than 63,000 migrant deaths shows that fleeing is deadlier than ever before

Telemundo News - March 27, 2024

IOM's Missing Migrants Project has documented more than 63,000 migrant deaths since 2014, with 2023 being the deadliest year. This report highlights that migration has become more dangerous, with a significant number of drowning deaths. Despite global commitments to improve migrant safety, efforts are insufficient, facing obstacles such as border militarization and restrictive policies. The report urges strengthening search and rescue operations and creating more safe migration options to reduce these tragedies.

US: Appeals court upholds suspension of Texas immigration law

Voice of America - March 27, 2024

A U.S. appeals court has upheld the suspension of a Texas immigration law that would give state police the power to detain and deport unauthorized aliens. This decision underscores the continuing debate over immigration powers and the civil rights of individuals, reflecting the tension between state and federal policies regarding immigration.

Mexican Foreign Minister welcomes blocking of SB4 law in Texas until further notice

El Diario NY - March 27, 2024

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena welcomed the suspension of SB4 in Texas, a law that allows authorities to detain and deport migrants. This suspension, ordered by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, will remain in place until further notice. The court acknowledged Mexico's protest against this law, noting its negative impact on bilateral efforts and non-citizen removals. The ACLU sees this as an important victory for immigrant rights while awaiting a final decision on the constitutionality of the law.

To block Texas SB4 a court claimed 150 years of legal precedent

Telemundo News - March 27, 2024

The Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has voted two to one to uphold the stay of SB4 in Texas, which would grant immigration powers to local law enforcement, a function traditionally handled by the federal government. This decision is based on 150 years of legal precedent, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the separation of powers and responsibilities in immigration matters. This ruling represents a victory for critics of the law, who argue that it could lead to discrimination and violate the civil rights of immigrants.

USA: State of Texas tightens security on its border with Mexico

Voice of America - March 27, 2024

Texas has increased security along its border with Mexico, in the Rio Grande area of El Paso, following the recent arrests of hundreds of people in confrontations with the Border Patrol. This increased security is intended to control illegal migrant crossings, but also raises concerns about human rights and the effectiveness of these measures in managing immigration and asylum.

Elon Musk exaggerates partisan impact of illegal immigration on House seat assignments - 27 March 2024

Elon Musk claimed that illegal immigration disproportionately benefits Democrats in the allocation of House seats and electoral votes, a statement that significantly overstates its actual impact. Expert analysis shows that the presence of illegal immigrants on the census could have altered the distribution of as few as three seats in 2020, a marginal impact in partisan terms. This debate underscores the complexity of immigration policy and public perception, as well as the crucial role of the census in U.S. democratic representation.

Who is Leito Oficial? The immigrant Tiktoker who incites crime in the U.S.

Tiempo Latino - March 27, 2024

Leonel Moreno, alias Leito Oficial, a Venezuelan immigrant who has gone viral on TikTok for urging people to squat abandoned houses in the United States, is facing controversy after his account was suspended for the provocative content of his videos. His "advice" for immigrants ranges from not working to asking for money on the street, which has generated repudiation within the immigrant community. Moreno, who resides in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, with his family, has drawn widespread criticism, including attention from media and public figures such as Elon Musk. Now, social media users are calling for him to be investigated and brought to justice for his actions.

Venezuelan migrant member of 'Tren de Aragua' criminal gang arrested in Chicago

La Raza - March 27, 2024

Adelvis Rodriguez-Carmona, a 29-year-old Venezuelan member of the 'Tren de Aragua' criminal gang, has been arrested in Chicago for his involvement in a shooting. Linked to widespread transnational criminal activity, this case highlights the presence and impact of international criminal organizations on US soil. Rodriguez-Carmona faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, marking a significant effort by authorities to address violence and ensure public safety. His arrest and subsequent removal proceedings are evidence of the complex intersections between immigration and transnational criminality.

"Viacrucis migrante" asks for free transit to leave Mexico's southern border

El Diario NY - March 27, 2024

Thousands of migrants of the "Viacrucis migrante" request free transit from the Mexican government to leave Chiapas and continue on to Mexico City. Beginning their journey in extreme conditions, they hope to avoid detentions by the National Migration Institute. With the goal of finding employment and continuing on to the United States, this collective, marked by the symbolism of Holy Week and the struggle for their rights, emphasizes the importance of solidarity and humanitarian support in their journey. This event highlights the growing migratory tension and the need for inclusive policies, in a context of presidential elections in both Mexico and the United States.

Mexico signs a deportation agreement with Colombia and Ecuador: here's what it consists of

Univision News - March 27, 2024

Mexico has signed a deportation agreement with Colombia and Ecuador, announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This agreement aims to support deportees to return to their places of origin, thus seeking to reduce the migratory flow to Mexico. The agreement focuses on collaboration between the nations to facilitate the reintegration of deportees into their countries, marking a significant step forward in migration management in the region.

Migrant couple recalls the terror of the fire in Ciudad Juarez

Telemundo News - March 27, 2024

The fire at a migrant center in Ciudad Juarez, which claimed the lives of 40 people, is still vivid in the memory of those who lived through it. Viangly Infante and her husband Edward Carballo, Venezuelan migrants, became the face of this tragedy. One year after the incident, they shared their experience of terror and loss with Telemundo News, recalling the desperation and pain they felt at the time. This event highlights the risks and challenges faced by migrants in their search for a better life.

El Nuevo Herald - Date of publication not provided

Starting in mid-2025, Europe will implement ETIAS, an entry permit for travelers from 60 countries previously exempt from visa requirements, including 15 from Latin America. This change in travel regulations aims to strengthen security and border control in the Schengen area. Under this system, similar to the U.S. ESTA, travelers will be required to apply for prior authorization, affecting not only individuals but also airlines, which must verify possession of the ETIAS before allowing boarding. This requirement highlights the growing need for security measures in the context of global mobility.


This is the power of Latino entrepreneurs in the country's economy

Telemundo News - March 27, 2024

Latino entrepreneurs are transforming the U.S. economy, as evidenced by the case of Victor Dominguez, who went from changing tires to owning four businesses. A Stanford University study highlights that Latino startups are outnumbering those started by whites, underscoring the impact and growing power of the Latino community in the U.S. business community. This trend highlights the importance of the diversity and innovation that Latinos bring to the U.S. economic fabric.

"I want to be the best blind man in the world": this young man is blind, but that doesn't stop him from playing soccer

Univision News - March 27, 2024

Ricardo Castañeda, who lost his vision at the age of 15, challenges the limits of what is possible by founding a soccer academy for the blind in Fort Worth, Texas. Through his passion and perseverance, he has become an inspiring example of self-improvement. His story motivates others to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles, proving that physical limitations are not an impediment to achieving great accomplishments and transforming lives.

Hispanic woman sings praises to God while undergoing brain tumor surgery

First Impact - March 27, 2024

Adriana Aristizábal, 39, faced a terrifying diagnosis of a brain tumor that required surgery to remove. In an act of faith and hope, she stayed awake during the craniotomy, singing praises to God. Her story is a testimony of courage and spiritual strength in the face of adversity, showing how faith can be a refuge and a source of strength in the most difficult moments of life. Adriana thus becomes an inspiring example of how to face challenges with grace and faith.

Six Latin American workers presumed dead after bridge collapse in the U.S.

Voice of America - March 27, 2024

Six Latin American migrant workers are presumed dead following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, United States, caused by a cargo ship. This tragic incident highlights the risks faced by migrant workers in the country. The community and authorities continue to investigate the event and seek measures to prevent future tragedies, while the families and loved ones of those affected call for justice and answers.

Family awaits news on Honduran man who worked on Baltimore bridge

Voice of America - March 27, 2024

The family of Maynor Suazo, a Honduran worker missing after the bridge collapse in Baltimore, United States, is holding out hope for news of his whereabouts. From his native Honduras, Suazo's loved ones are anxiously awaiting information as to whether or not he is alive. This case highlights the anguish and uncertainty faced by the families of migrant workers who suffer accidents abroad.

Hispanic mother planned to visit her son, but he went missing after Baltimore bridge collapse

First Impact - March 27, 2024

Nora Lopez, a Hispanic mother, faces the anguish of not knowing the fate of her 39-year-old son Jose, who disappeared after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Plans for a reunion have been cut short by this tragedy, leading Nora to beg for a humanitarian visa so she can say a final goodbye to her son. This painful event highlights the harsh realities faced by migrant worker families, whose lives can change drastically in times of disaster.

U.S. court accepts Mexican lawsuit against gun dealers

CNN in English - March 27, 2024

A federal court in Arizona has agreed to proceed with the Government of Mexico's landmark lawsuit against five gun dealers for illegal gun trafficking. Mexico argues that these stores do not have immunity for their negligent business practices that facilitate illegal gun trafficking. This case marks an important step in the fight against gun trafficking and could have significant implications for the regulation of gun sales between the United States and Mexico.

Soccer player Vinicius Jr. bursts into tears after question about racist slurs

Univision News - March 27, 2024

23-year-old soccer player Vinicius Jr. was moved to tears when answering a question about the racism he has faced in Spain. His reaction underscores the persistent issue of racism in sport and the need to combat these discriminatory attitudes. This moment captures the vulnerability and personal struggle against racism that athletes face in their careers, highlighting the importance of support and awareness of this issue.


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