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Reminder: Inflation adjustment of priority processing rates effective today

USCIS - February 26, 2024

Effective February 26, 2024, USCIS has increased priority processing fees in line with inflation from June 2021 to June 2023. This adjustment, the first in three years by the USCIS Stabilization Act, raises Form I-129 fees from $1,500 to $1,685 and up to $2,805 for various classifications, and Form I-140 to $2,805. It also affects Form I-539, whose fee increases to $1,965. Applications with incorrect fees will be rejected. The funds raised will support improvements in the adjudication of USCIS naturalization applications and services.

Travel program helps Dreamers visit Mexico and other countries

Telemundo News - February 25, 2024

A new program allows DACA recipients to travel outside the U.S. and reunite with family members in their home countries, such as Mexico, for a period of up to one month. This initiative seeks to strengthen the family and cultural ties of Dreamers by offering them the opportunity to experience their heritage firsthand, despite the usual travel restrictions imposed by their immigration status.

These Mexicans were able to embrace each other thanks to a beautiful program

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Mexican immigrants in California were able to reunite with their loved ones thanks to the 'Jalisco-USA' foundation, which facilitates visas for seniors to visit their children. This emotional program connects families separated by distance.

Cheryl M. Davies takes command of CBP Los Angeles Field Office

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - February 24, 2024

Cheryl M. Davies has been formally installed as the Director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) Los Angeles Field Office, assuming one of the most complex and largest positions in the country. With extensive experience, Davies will oversee operations at the nation's largest seaport in Los Angeles/Long Beach and the third busiest international airport, LAX. His goals include keeping the team agile, resilient and future-proofed, innovating in operations, strengthening existing relationships, building new ones and preparing the next generation to lead the agency. Davies leads more than 2,000 employees, spanning operations in the Los Angeles area and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Migrants with criminal records arrested after illegal entry into the U.S.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - February 23, 2024

The U.S. Border Patrol in the West Texas-New Mexico region has apprehended more than 12 migrants this week with criminal records, including felony offenses such as sex offenses, drug trafficking, and Mexican drug cartel or gang affiliations, who were attempting to illegally enter the country through the El Paso sector. These migrants face criminal prosecution under Title 8 and will be formally removed from the U.S. Agents continue to work with the U.S. Attorney's Office to hold these criminals accountable, enhancing the security of border communities.

ERO Boston arrests MS-13 member wanted for murder in El Salvador

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - February 23, 2024

Boston Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) has captured a Salvadoran fugitive and MS-13 member who is wanted for homicide in El Salvador. The fugitive, who has been removed from the U.S. three previous times, was arrested without incident in Foxboro on February 19. This arrest underscores ERO's commitment to public safety, evidenced by the 19.5% increase in administrative arrests in FY 2023, including the apprehension of more than 73,822 non-citizens with criminal histories.

ICE conducts removal flights of single adults and family units on Feb. 23rd

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - February 23, 2024

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has continued to facilitate removal flights for single adults and family units from February 19-23, including flights to Central America, Colombia, Nepal, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. If a noncitizen arrives and has no lawful basis to remain in the United States, he or she will be processed and removed expeditiously, in line with U.S. law. From May 12, 2023 through February 21, 2024, DHS has removed or returned more than 565,000 individuals, most of whom crossed the southwest border, including more than 91,000 family unit members. The majority of individuals encountered at the Southwest border in the past three years have been removed, returned, or expelled, exceeding removals and returns in every fiscal year since 2013.

ERO Harlingen arrests Mexican national illegally present with multiple removals

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - February 23, 2024

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Harlingen arrested a Mexican national unlawfully present in the U.S., convicted of driving while intoxicated and illegal reentry, with a pending charge of illegal reentry. The arrest was made on February 15 in Edinburg, Texas. The Mexican national had illegally entered the U.S. near Weslaco in October 2017 and was removed to Mexico in December 2017, September 2019, and most recently on July 14, 2021, after re-entering at an unknown location and date and being convicted of illegal re-entry on July 15, 2021. On November 28, 2023, while on parole, he was convicted of driving while intoxicated. The case was accepted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas for violation of reentry after removal. He will be held at the East Hidalgo Detention Center pending his hearing before a federal magistrate.

California installs an anti-immigrant barrier in San Diego, is it an inhumane measure?

Univision News - February 25, 2024

At Friendship Park, between San Diego and Tijuana, a barrier has been installed to prevent them from climbing from the Mexican side, sparking controversy over its humanity. Experts and panelists debate whether this measure is inhumane and how immigration can be managed without compromising people's dignity.

Can Trump massively deport undocumented immigrants without due process? We explain

Univision News - February 23, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has taken up the threat of mass deportations as a centerpiece of his "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which he tried to implement during his administration but was stopped by courts and lack of congressional support. Despite his efforts to criminalize undocumented stay and establish new deportation priorities, the undocumented population remained stable and the number of cases pending in Immigration Court increased significantly. With the presidential campaign underway and promises to be tougher in his immigration policies, Trump faces skepticism about the feasibility of implementing mass deportations given the legal and logistical constraints previously experienced.

Border Patrol released hundreds of immigrants in San Diego, Southern California.

La Opinión - February 24, 2024

Border Patrol dropped off hundreds of immigrants at a bus stop in San Diego after a reception center ran out of funds to operate. This event underscores the difficulties of the largest U.S. border city in handling an unprecedented influx of immigrants. Those affected, coming from countries such as Senegal, China, Ecuador, and Rwanda, found themselves without a safe place to wait for their asylum process. Despite the efforts of aid groups, this incident reveals the strain on local resources in the face of the growing influx of migrants.

Some 200 immigrants are released in California "because there is nowhere to take them".

Univision News - February 24, 2024

Approximately 200 immigrants were released in San Ysidro, California, by the Border Patrol due to lack of space in the processing centers. Those affected now face the challenge of moving on their own to their final destinations in the United States.

Hundreds of migrants on the streets after center closes due to lack of funds

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

The closure of an assistance center in San Diego due to insufficient resources left numerous migrants in a vulnerable situation. Activists and local authorities are working together to prevent these individuals from remaining without shelter by facilitating their transfer to transportation terminals.

Hundreds of migrants left on the streets after closure of community support center

Univision News - February 24, 2024

Border Patrol left hundreds of migrants at a bus stop in San Diego after closing a community center that offered them respite, due to lack of funds because of the increased influx of people. This event underscores the growing migration crisis in the region.

Ron DeSantis to send more Florida National Guard troops to reinforce the southern border

La Opinión - February 24, 2024

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, announced the deployment of an additional 50 National Guard members and 76 Florida Highway Patrol agents to the southern border to curb the crossing of immigrants into the U.S. DeSantis criticized Biden's border management, pointing to an increase in disorderly migration and the arrival of people from nations deemed dangerous to national security. This move is in addition to Texas' "Operation Lone Star," reflecting a statewide effort in the face of what DeSantis calls a national border crisis.

Georgia student murder sparks criticism of undocumented immigrants

La Opinión - February 24, 2024

The murder of Laken Hope Riley in Georgia by an undocumented suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, has intensified criticism of undocumented immigrants. The tragedy has led to a rise of the hashtag "illegal alien" on social networks and reactions from political figures such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, who calls for the elimination of sanctuary cities in Georgia. This case adds to other incidents involving immigrants, fueling a polarized debate on immigration policy and security in the US.

ICE confirms that the alleged killer of a young woman in Georgia crossed the border 17 months ago

Telemundo News - February 25, 2024

ICE has confirmed that José Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan national, crossed the border into the United States in late 2022. After being previously arrested in New York, Ibarra was arrested on February 23, 2024, and charged with malice murder for the killing of Laken Riley at the University of Georgia. This case has captured public attention and highlights the ongoing challenges in managing border security and the legal implications for immigrants in the U.S. justice system.

Undocumented Hispanic man accused of murdering woman on Georgia college campus

El Diario NY - February 25, 2024

Jose Antonio Ibarra, a 26-year-old undocumented immigrant from Venezuela, has been charged with the murder of Laken Hope Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, on the University of Georgia campus. Ibarra faces charges of malice murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and concealing the death of another person. During his initial appearance, he was denied bond and remains in custody at the Clarke County Jail. The crime, described as an act of opportunity with no prior relationship between the offender and victim, has shaken the university community and fueled debate about campus safety and immigration issues.

The family of the young woman who died in Georgia thanked the police for their action.

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Justice denied bail for Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, charged with the malice murder of Laken Riley, 22, found at the University of Georgia. Riley's family was grateful for the effective police action in the case.

No bail for Latino linked to young man's death in Georgia

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, faces malice murder charges in the death of 22-year-old Laken Riley near the University of Georgia campus. Ibarra, no prior relation to Riley, was held without bail.

Body of nursing student found in Georgia: here's what's known

Univision News - February 24, 2024

The body of a 22-year-old nursing student was found in a wooded area on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens. One person has been arrested as part of the investigation to clarify the circumstances of her death.

Venezuelan migrants linked to increase in U.S. crimes

El Tiempo Latino - February 25, 2024

The United States is experiencing a worrying increase in crimes with significant involvement of Venezuelan migrants, in a context where Venezuela refuses to repatriate its citizens. José Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan migrant, is accused of the murder of Laken Riley in Georgia, exemplifying the seriousness of the problem. Additionally, the Venezuelan gang "Tren de Aragua" is responsible for multiple robberies in New York, highlighting the challenge of crime associated with certain Venezuelan migrants. This scenario is aggravated by the impossibility of deporting these individuals due to Venezuela's refusal to accept returnees, further complicating immigration and security management in the United States.

Aragua Train members reported to be living in immigrant shelters in New York City

Univision News - February 24, 2024

Immigrants denounce that members of the dangerous Tren de Aragua gang are occupying shelters for asylum seekers in New York. Police and federal agents have initiated investigations into the presence and activities of this criminal organization in the city.

Venezuela stops receiving deportees from Mexico and the U.S.

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Venezuela has ceased the admission of citizens deported from Mexico and the United States, a move that follows the reinstatement of some economic sanctions against the regime of Nicolas Maduro by the Biden Administration. This policy change directly affects Venezuelans seeking refuge and better living conditions in the north.

Mike Johnson says Biden employs election gimmicks when talking about border security

La Opinión - February 23, 2024

Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House of Representatives, criticizes Joe Biden for using the border security issue as a political strategy for his re-election, calling it an election stunt. Johnson denounces Biden's inaction on the immigration crisis and border control, attributing the current situation to the lack of use of existing laws to guarantee national security. This comes at a time when the southern border of the United States has seen an increase in the number of migrants, exacerbating problems such as fentanyl trafficking and human smuggling, and dispersing millions of illegal aliens throughout the country.

How the arrival of immigrants causes tension in one of the most Hispanic cities in the U.S.

El Nuevo Herald - February 24, 2024

Hialeah, one of the cities with the highest concentration of Hispanics in the United States, is facing tensions due to the influx of recent migrants. Mayor Esteban Bovo, Jr. notes that the arrival of up to 80,000 Cubans in the past two years has depleted resources and exacerbated problems such as a lack of affordable housing. The city, which has traditionally been a haven for Cuban immigrants and refugees, is now seeing its infrastructure and services overwhelmed. This phenomenon has led to increased social division and calls to tighten immigration control and address the housing crisis, in a context where Hispanic identity and immigration policies are closely intertwined.

Refugees and asylum seekers bring more than they cost to the U.S.

Immigration Impact - February 22, 2024

A study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. reveals that refugees and asylum seekers have contributed significantly more in tax revenue than they have received in government services over the past 15 years. From 2005 to 2019, they generated a fiscal surplus of $123.8 billion, with contributions of $363 billion in federal taxes and $218 billion to state and local governments. In the long run, these groups not only offset the initial costs of settling them, but also contribute to economic growth, demonstrating the fiscal benefit of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers to the United States.

At least 442,000 Cubans estimated to be under U.S. deportation orders

Las Américas Newspaper - February 24, 2024

In the United States, an estimated 442,624 Cubans have removal orders to be deported to Cuba, according to fiscal year 2023 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports. This report highlights efforts to secure the southwest border and combat transnational criminal organizations. Most of these individuals are monitored outside of detention settings through various mechanisms. ICE has faced challenges in deporting these individuals due to Cuba's refusal to accept repatriated citizens, further complicating the immigration situation and relations between the two countries.

Lawsuit alleges that Western Union and MoneyGram illegally share customers' personal information with law enforcement agencies

Business Wire - February 22, 2024

A proposed class action lawsuit in Los Angeles accuses Western Union and MoneyGram of illegally sharing customers' personal information with law enforcement agencies without court orders, subpoenas or the individuals' knowledge and consent. Based on ACLU documents, the lawsuit describes a massive, unauthorized data collection scheme, providing information to some 700 agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, primarily from transactions greater than $500. This case highlights privacy and legality issues in the handling of personal data by money transfer companies, potentially violating privacy rights and consumer protection laws in California.

What is known about the immigrants killed in the accident in Madera, California?

Univision News - February 24, 2024

Eight farm workers lost their lives in a vehicle accident in Madera, California. At least three of the victims, identified by their families as Mexican immigrants, are seeking repatriation. This tragic event highlights the dangers faced by immigrant workers in the United States.

Family members mourn death of eight farmers in California

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

A tragic traffic accident in California resulted in the loss of life of eight farm workers, including one who had arrived from Michoacán seven months ago. The lack of seat belt use was pointed out by the Highway Patrol, deepening the grief of the affected families.


Frank Rubio, Salvadoran-born astronaut, receives special award from the U.S. Navy

La Prensa Grafica - February 22, 2024

Frank Rubio, an astronaut of Salvadoran origin, has been honored with a special distinction by the U.S. Armed Forces, recognizing his U.S. record for the most days in space for a single space flight. Rubio received the Army Astronaut Device, which is considered one of the most unique awards in the U.S. military. This recognition underscores the value of collaboration and the collective effort necessary to achieve space missions, highlighting Rubio's significant contribution to the space program and the US Army's representation in space.

Mexican engineer contributes to historic U.S. return to the moon

Univision News - February 23, 2024

Edgar Amézquita, a Mexican aerospace engineer, played a crucial role in the Odysseus mission, marking the return of the United States to the Moon after 50 years. The mission, supported by a private company, highlights the impact and contribution of global talent in space exploration, opening a new chapter in lunar history with international collaboration.

Chile's Pedro Pascal shines at the SAG Awards for Best Actor

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

The 30th edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards highlighted 'Oppenheimer' and actors such as Cillian Murphy, Lily Gladstone and Robert Downey Jr. as well as the series 'Succession'. Pedro Pascal received the award for best actor, highlighting his talent at the ceremony.

Cirque du Soleil's Echo Latino team: how they fulfilled their dream

CNN en Español - February 24, 2024

Latinos in Cirque du Soleil's Echo show share their experiences and how they were able to fulfill their dream of being part of one of the most recognized entertainment companies in the world. Their stories highlight the dedication and talent of Latinos in the performing arts.

Salsa Rhythm Celebrates Afro-Latino Community at the White House

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

During Black Heritage Month, the White House was filled with rhythm and culture with the presentation of Afro-Latino artists such as Mauro Castillo. This event highlights the richness and diversity of Afro-Latino contributions to U.S. history and culture.

How this Afro-Latino Major League Baseball legend dealt with racism

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Los Angeles Dodgers Afro-Latino legend Manny Mota shares his experience on racism in baseball. With a distinguished career that includes appearances in five World Series and a lengthy coaching career, Mota remains active in the sport, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Two million people live below the poverty level in New York: how many are Latino?

Univision News - February 25, 2024

Columbia University reveals that between 2021 and 2022, the number of New Yorkers living below the poverty line rose from 1.5 million to 2 million, with 26% of Latinos and 24% of African Americans affected. Escalating prices have increased pressure on household budgets, according to economist Jose Torres.

They sold everything to buy a motor home. Now they live by traveling around the country

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Carlos and Mark decided to transform their lives by selling everything to buy an RV, with which they now travel across the United States. Through their TikTok account, they share their travel experiences, turning this adventure into a source of income and a unique lifestyle.

Arizona driver's license requirements increased

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

Arizona is proposing HB 2833, a bill that seeks to increase the requirements to obtain driver's licenses, especially among teenagers. This measure has received support from many parents, who believe it will help reduce traffic accidents and improve road safety.

This workshop exhibits the pride of making the Mexican flag by hand.

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

'La Principal', a workshop in Mexico City since 1907, is dedicated to the handcrafted manufacture of flags, especially the Mexican flag, highlighting pride and care in every detail, in commemoration of Flag Day.

What factors condition growth in Latin American countries?

CNN en Español - February 24, 2024

Latin America's economy faces a slowdown in 2024, with projected growth of 1.9% versus 2.5% previously, according to Esade and Banco Sabadell. This slowdown is attributed to various factors, including internal and external policies, which directly impact the region's economic stability and development.

The sport that transforms a group of women with visual impairment

Voice of America - February 24, 2024

A group of visually impaired women have found in soccer for the blind a transformative and essential means in their lives. Despite facing multiple challenges and after years of effort, these women seek to make this sport more visible, in the hope that more people with disabilities will be encouraged to practice it. Soccer for the blind not only represents a space for inclusion and self-improvement, but also an opportunity to demonstrate that physical limitations are not an obstacle to achieve great accomplishments.

Planeta Tierra: They go to the law to stop mining from polluting their water

Telemundo News - February 24, 2024

In Oruro, villagers face high levels of toxicity and arsenic in their blood due to mining. They have resorted to the law to stop mineral extraction and protect their water in an effort to preserve their health and environment.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Argentina and meets with President Milei

Voice of America - February 24, 2024

Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, concludes his Latin American tour with a visit to Argentina, where he meets with President Javier Milei. This meeting marks an important moment in bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries.

What are the reasons for the security crisis in Ecuador?

CNN en Español - February 24, 2024

Juan Carlos Lopez, from Directo USA, interviews Juan Rivadeneira about the causes of the prison crisis in Ecuador and the plan of Daniel Noboa's government to address insecurity. Rivadeneira highlights the importance of addressing the roots of the problem in order to achieve a lasting solution.


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