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Univision News - April 23, 2024

The White House is considering granting legal status to undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens, exploring the use of 'parole in place'. This measure would benefit hundreds of thousands of immigrants, providing them with work permits and protection from deportation without the need to leave the country. The Biden administration is studying this option as part of an effort to address the immigration situation and possibly as a counterweight to criticism of restrictive immigration policies. This policy could have a significant impact on mixed-status families, where one spouse is a citizen and the other undocumented, in a context of political and humanitarian urgency.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken presents the "Country Reports 2023 on Human Rights Practices".

U.S. Department of State - April 22, 2024

Antony J. Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State, has introduced the Country Reports 2023 on Human Rights Practiceshighlighting the U.S. commitment to upholding human rights around the world. The report examines human rights violations in nearly 200 countries and territories, highlighting cases of abuses and the detention of activists such as Alexei Navalni in Russia and political prisoners in Cuba. It also mentions the persecution of minorities such as the Rohingya and Uighurs, and addresses the misuse of technologies such as artificial intelligence to suppress rights. Blinken emphasizes the importance of international collaboration to combat these injustices.

U.S. releases 2023 human rights report

Voice of America - April 22, 2024

The U.S. State Department has released its annual report on the state of human rights worldwide, assessing practices in approximately 200 countries. This extensive document highlights both significant advances and persistent concerns in areas such as press freedom, state violence and minority rights. A notable new feature this year is the inclusion of specific analysis on the impacts of digital technologies on privacy and individual freedom.

Martha's Vineyard: migrants are eligible for victim visas

El Nuevo Herald - April 22, 2024

A group of migrants relocated to Martha's Vineyard at the initiative of Governor Ron DeSantis are now eligible for U visas, reserved for crime victims who cooperate with law enforcement. These migrants, lured with promises of employment, represent a case of exploitation that has been recognized by judicial authorities. After being left on the island without recourse, they have obtained "good faith determinations," allowing them to work and protecting them from deportation while their U visa cases are processed. This situation highlights the complexity of immigration policies and the legal liabilities that emerge from controversial government actions.

They fled Venezuela and have transformed food delivery in D.C.

Tiempo Latino - April 22, 2024

A group of Venezuelan immigrants in Washington D.C. has revolutionized the food delivery industry by using motorcycles for their daily work. These immigrants have adapted their skills and taken advantage of the demand for fast delivery services to survive and thrive in a new culture. Their efforts have not only provided them with a livelihood, but have also transformed a vital sector of the local economy, demonstrating the resilience and positive contribution of immigrants to the community.

The journey of a migrant family who almost missed their asylum appointment

Univision News - April 22, 2024

In a moving account, a Venezuelan family recounts their arduous journey to the United States, highlighting the uncertainty and challenges faced to keep their scheduled asylum appointment through the CBP One application. Despite the obstacles, the solidarity of strangers was instrumental in reaching their goal. Now settled in Tennessee, they await their next hearing in October 2025, reflecting the persistent immigration crisis and humanity amidst the chaos.

U.S. issues travel alert for part of Mexico due to violence in Chiapas

Telemundo News - April 22, 2024

The U.S. Embassy has issued a travel alert for Chiapas due to escalating violence between the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels, which has significantly increased insecurity in the region. This advisory seeks to warn U.S. citizens about the risks of traveling to this area, highlighting the intense conflict that has led to an increase in local crime and insecurity.

ERO Salt Lake City expels Mexican national for gun possession

ICE - April 22, 2024

Luis Enrique Villalpando Villagomez, a Mexican national, was deported to Mexico after being arrested in the U.S. for illegal gun possession. Initially entered the U.S. in March 2023 through Hidalgo, Texas, Villalpando was arrested for multiple offenses including aggravated assault and robbery. ICE transferred him to detention in Nevada prior to his deportation. This act aligns with ICE's mission to remove individuals who compromise public safety and violate U.S. immigration laws.

ERO Salt Lake City deports Honduran fugitive wanted on gun charges

ICE - April 22, 2024

Nilson Doblado Doblado, a Honduran fugitive, was deported to Honduras by ERO Salt Lake City following his arrest in the U.S. for illegally carrying firearms and ammunition. Doblado, who had previously been removed from the U.S. multiple times since 1998, faces weapons-related charges in Honduras. His deportation reflects ICE's ongoing effort to ensure that lawbreaking aliens face justice in their home countries.

ERO Boston arrests Brazilian national locally charged with assault and weapons offenses

ICE - April 22, 2024

ERO Boston apprehended a 21-year-old Brazilian national, illegally present and charged with assault and weapons-related offenses in Worcester, Massachusetts. Despite having an immigration detainer, he was released by a local court, putting public safety at risk. He was first arrested in March 2019 near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and then involved in additional crimes in Connecticut and Massachusetts until his final capture in April 2024 by ERO Boston deportation officers. This incident underscores the complications of cooperation between local and federal jurisdictions in handling immigration detainers.

Venezuelan migrant in ICE custody died in a hospital in Texas: he was going to be removed

El Diario NY - April 21, 2024

Edixon Del Jesus Farias Farias, a 26-year-old Venezuelan migrant, died while in ICE custody at Conroe Regional Hospital in Conroe, Texas. Admitted to the U.S. on December 25, 2023 without documents, he was detained and the removal order was issued in January 2024. His death has highlighted conditions and medical care in ICE detention centers, calling into question the assurance of a safe and humane environment that the agency promises to maintain for all detainees.

Mexico detains 67 migrants from India and over 100 from Central and South America

La Opinión - April 22, 2024

Mexico's National Migration Institute (INM) reported the detention of 183 migrants in two separate operations: 67 from India and one from Peru in Quintana Roo, and 116 from Central and South America in Zacatecas. The detainees were housed in immigration detention centers and are in the process of having their status in Mexico verified. This increase in detentions reflects Mexico's effort to control irregular migration, which has grown by 77% in 2023, highlighting its commitment to safe human mobility and respect for human rights.

Three migrants killed by train trying to cross southern border

Tiempo Latino - April 22, 2024

Three Venezuelan migrants, including two young girls, were tragically killed when they were hit by a train in Durango, Mexico, while attempting to cross the border into the United States. This unfortunate incident highlights the extreme dangers faced by migrants who resort to dangerous routes to reach the border. The victims have been identified and coordination is underway with the Venezuelan Embassy for the repatriation of the bodies, while assistance and possible humanitarian visas are being offered to the survivors. This event highlights the urgent need to address the safety and human rights of migrants on their journey.

Journalist denounces Mexico for deporting unaccompanied migrant children in violation of its own law

La Opinión - April 22, 2024

UN award-winning journalist Manu Ureste denounces Mexico's deportation of unaccompanied minors in violation of its child protection legislation. According to Ureste, the 2021 legal reform that promised to individually evaluate each detained minor's case is not being properly implemented, with only 19% of cases reviewed under the new system. This comes as minors attempt to escape violence in their home countries, including the threat of gangs like MS-13. Ureste criticizes the lack of effective action to rectify these practices that compromise the safety and rights of children.

Migrants and activists denounce "inhumane" operations in northern Mexican desert

El Diario NY - April 22, 2024

Activists and migrants have harshly criticized the operations of the National Migration Institute (INM) in northern Mexico as "inhumane" and "illegal". These operations include detentions in extreme conditions in the desert, which endanger the lives of migrants, many of whom come dehydrated and exhausted. Criticism focuses on the violation of human rights, such as freedom of movement and the legality of detentions without proper documentation. Lawyer Ernesto Vasconcelo and the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) have pointed to these operations as unconstitutional and have urged an immediate review and correction by the INM and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).


Trump's trial is presided over by a Colombian immigrant with extensive experience | Telemundo News

Telemundo News - April 22, 2024

Juan Merchan, a New York Supreme Court justice and Colombian immigrant, is presiding over the lawsuit against Donald Trump. Merchan, who immigrated to the U.S. at age six and has served with distinction since his appointment in 2009, faces criticism from Trump because of a political donation made in 2020. This case highlights the tensions and scrutiny in high-stakes political prosecutions.

USA: Students in Nevada measure their job skills

Voice of America - April 22, 2024

Hundreds of students in Nevada participated in a national event that tests essential skills for entry into the job market. Voice of America's Adriana Arevalo covered this technical and leadership skills competition, highlighting the preparation of young people in areas critical to their future careers. The competition serves as a barometer of the effectiveness of current educational programs in efficiently preparing students for contemporary job demands.

A program to link children from underprivileged communities to the radio

Telemundo News - April 22, 2024

In the State of Mexico, an innovative program is changing the lives of children in marginalized communities by training them as radio broadcasters every Friday. This project not only teaches communication skills but also offers young people like Paola and Orlando an avenue for personal and professional development, opening doors to future opportunities in media and beyond.

What can Mexicans abroad who were excluded from the voting list do?

Univision News - April 22, 2024

More than 39,000 Mexicans residing abroad face exclusion from the Nominal List of Voters for the upcoming presidential elections, due to errors in their registrations. Arturo Castillo Loza of INE highlights the corrective measures available, including a final deadline for requests for clarification, emphasizing the importance of electoral participation and correct registration in the official registers to ensure their right to vote.

How many hours should you sleep to avoid health problems? A study raises alarms among adults

Univision News - April 22, 2024

This video explains the importance of adequate sleep, highlighting a CDC study showing that one in three adults in the U.S. does not get the recommended eight hours of sleep, which carries serious health risks. Dr. Ivan Melendez stresses that lack of sleep affects men and women differently, leading to greater complications in areas such as cardiovascular and mental health. The report emphasizes the need to prioritize adequate rest to prevent adverse conditions.

What to do to have a healthy intestine? We tell you the foods you can eat

Univision News - April 22, 2024

Intestinal health is crucial for overall wellness, with the intestine being known as the body's "second brain". Gastroenterologist Juliana Suárez emphasizes the importance of a proper diet to maintain this health, highlighting beneficial foods that help preserve intestinal flora and prevent disease. This preventive approach is vital to avoid major complications related to bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can affect the intestine.

Don Rodo' managed to hide for more than three decades. Now experts believe he will be extradited to the US.

Telemundo News - April 22, 2024

Abraham Oseguera, known as 'Don Rodo', and brother of Jalisco Cartel - New Generation leader 'El Mencho', has been captured after more than three decades in hiding. Experts anticipate his early extradition to the US due to his critical role in the cartel's structure, especially in logistical and financial operations, marking a significant blow against this powerful criminal group.

Don Rodo', brother of 'El Mencho', leader of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation, captured

Univision News - April 22, 2024

Mexico's National Guard has captured 'Don Rodo,' the older brother of 'El Mencho' and a key figure in the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation. Don Rodo' was responsible for coordinating the entry of essential precursor chemicals for the production of synthetic drugs, making him an important link within the criminal organization, and his arrest represents a major blow to the cartel.

Ecuador says 'yes' to tougher measures against organized crime

Voice of America - April 22, 2024

In a recent referendum, Ecuador has overwhelmingly approved President Daniel Noboa's proposal to toughen measures against organized crime. This decision reflects the urgency to combat the insecurity that has placed the country among the most dangerous in the region, reports Nestor Aguilera from Quito. The new legislation is expected to strengthen police and judicial capacities to effectively dismantle criminal networks.

Ecuador backs Noboa's crusade against criminality

DW English - April 22, 2024

Ecuador voted in favor of the extradition of Ecuadorian citizens implicated in crimes abroad, reflecting strong support for President Daniel Noboa in his fight against crime. This referendum also saw the rejection of economic reform proposals, highlighting the electorate's priority to strengthen national security and international cooperation in the administration of justice.

What changes in Ecuador's security after the referendum promoted by President Noboa

BBC News World - April 22, 2024

Ecuador has passed significant security reforms in a recent referendum, with 9 of 11 measures receiving strong popular support. These reforms, pushed by President Daniel Noboa, are designed to combat the increase in drug trafficking and gang violence that has plagued the country. This result reinforces the government's mandate to implement tougher strategies against organized crime and improve national security.

Recommendations on inflation in Argentina

CNN in English - April 22, 2024

Luis Ignacio Argüero, expert and research professor, offers strategies on CNN Dinero to mitigate the effects of inflation in Argentina. As the country seeks to stabilize its economy, Argüero recommends prudent investment and consumption practices that can protect citizens in the face of economic volatility. These recommendations are crucial for those seeking to navigate financial challenges during periods of high inflation.



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