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Press Conference on Migration and Border Security

U.S. Department of State - February 22, 2024

At a press conference, U.S. government officials discussed strategies and updates on migration management and border security. Emily Mendrala highlighted increased legal avenues for migration and international cooperation to address the migration phenomenon. The implementation of a new visa restriction policy against those who facilitate irregular migration was mentioned. In addition, Blas Núñez-Neto emphasized actions against organized crime and reminded migrants of the consequences of crossing the border illegally, promoting the use of legal channels.

New policy on visa restrictions for transportation operators facilitating irregular migration to the United States

U.S. Department of State - February 21, 2024

The U.S. State Department has implemented a new visa restriction policy targeting owners, executives and senior officials of charter flight, land and maritime transportation companies that provide services to irregular migrants to the United States. This measure replaces the November 2023 "Nicaragua 3C" policy, expanding it to combat irregular migration globally. The policy focuses on operations that profit from the vulnerability of migrants, exposing them to risk and removal proceedings, in order to eradicate the exploitation of vulnerable migrants.

U.S. expands sanctions for companies transporting irregular migrants

Voice of America - February 21, 2024

The U.S. State Department has announced new visa restrictions aimed at owners and executives of transportation companies that facilitate irregular migration to the United States. Paula Díaz, a journalist for Voice of America, reports on these measures aimed at combating irregular migration flows, affecting mainly the air, land and maritime sectors.

U.S. extends visa restriction for those facilitating migrant flights to Nicaragua

El Diario NY - February 21, 2024

The US government has extended its visa restriction policy to air, land and maritime transport operators that facilitate the movement of migrants to Nicaragua, in an effort to stem irregular migration. The policy, which updates the 2023 "Nicaragua 3C" plan, targets companies that exploit vulnerable migrants by charging exorbitant fees. The expansion now includes maritime and land transport, in addition to air transport, and seeks to prevent Cuban and Haitian migrants from using Nicaragua as a land route to the U.S.-Mexico border.

U.S. government weighs executive actions for southern border, with powers used by Trump

Los Angeles Times en Espanol - February 22, 2024

The White House is considering the use of executive measures to handle the situation at the southern border, similar to those employed by Donald Trump. With Republicans blocking a border bill, it is being explored how Biden could implement these measures without congressional approval. Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act could be a tool to restrict the entry of certain immigrants if deemed detrimental to the national interest. This reflects the pressure on Biden over immigration and border challenges in an election year.

Biden reportedly considering executive order to sharply restrict asylum at border: reports

Univision News - February 21, 2024

The Biden administration is contemplating executive action to significantly limit the ability of undocumented migrants to seek asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. This measure, which would close the border to new entries under certain immigration flow conditions, would extend the harsh policies proposed in legislation previously rejected by Republicans. It would utilize Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, expanding presidential leeway to block the entry of immigrants deemed detrimental to the national interest, a strategy previously implemented by Donald Trump.

Can the Biden administration change asylum rules at the border? We explain

Univision News - February 21, 2024

The Biden administration finds itself with limited leeway to respond to the immigration crisis on the border with Mexico due to the stalled immigration debate in Congress. Despite the restrictions, rumors are circulating about the consideration of "executive options" to handle the situation, including making it more difficult for immigrants to seek and obtain asylum. Experts debate the feasibility and legality of modifying asylum regulations without congressional approval, emphasizing the principle of due process and the importance of fair assessment by trained officials. The situation reflects a continuing challenge for the government in its search for effective solutions in the face of criticism and legal constraints.

Fear and uncertainty over tough government measures to curb crossings

Telemundo News - February 21, 2024

Telemundo News reports on the fear and uncertainty generated by new U.S. government measures to curb migrant crossings. Migrants, lawyers and activists express their concern about restrictions that would complicate asylum applications in the U.S., reflecting the tense situation at the border.

Texas prosecutor files suit against Catholic NGO for "trafficking in persons

La Opinión - February 21, 2024

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against the Catholic NGO Annunciation House, accusing it of facilitating human smuggling and illegal entry of migrants into the U.S. The legal action seeks to revoke the license of the organization, which provides shelter to migrants in El Paso, Texas. This lawsuit intensifies in the context of an increase of migrants at the southern border of the U.S. and reflects a tightening of immigration policies in Texas. The organization, which has provided shelter to migrants and refugees for decades, faces accusations of promoting evasion of U.S. authorities and the irregular movement of people.

Trump plans to build "mass detention camps and round up immigrants," Biden campaign warns

La Opinión - February 21, 2024

Joe Biden's campaign warns that Donald Trump plans to implement extreme immigration policies if re-elected, including the construction of mass detention camps and mass deportations. The plan, described as racist and un-American, seeks to involve the military in immigration detention, emulating "Operation Wetbacks" of the 1950s. The Biden-Harris campaign criticizes these proposals as inhumane and not contributing to the safety of Americans, while Trump defends his approach as necessary to control illegal immigration.

Chinese immigrants travel to the U.S. thanks to TikTok

El Tiempo Latino - February 21, 2024

The increase in Chinese migrants to the U.S. is attributed to the dissemination on TikTok of routes and tips for emigration, under the term "zouxian". This phenomenon reflects the hopelessness of many Chinese in the face of the adverse economic situation and political repression in their country. Leveraging social media for information, Chinese migrants have formed one of the fastest growing groups at the southern border of the U.S., with a high approval rate for asylum applications. The story of Guo, a young migrant, illustrates the desire for a better life and the influence of social media on the decision to migrate.

Federal government accuses another company of employing 24 children to clean dangerous slaughterhouses

Telemundo News - February 21, 2024

The U.S. Department of Labor accuses Fayette Janitorial LLC of illegally employing minors to clean plants belonging to Perdue Farms and Seaboard Triumph Foods. This situation highlights the serious problem of child labor in hazardous environments, putting the safety and well-being of the children involved at risk. The accused company has not yet commented on the allegations.

Aragua Train is in the U.S., FBI confirms: "We have proof that they crossed the border".

Univision News - February 21, 2024

The FBI in El Paso, Texas, has confirmed the presence of the dangerous Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua in the United States, with evidence of their border crossing. During 2023, the Border Patrol detained 41 members of this organization, evidencing the growing concern about their criminal activity within US territory.

Four Venezuelan migrants arrested for robbing and assaulting a man in Chicago

La Opinión - February 21, 2024

Four Venezuelan migrants were arrested in Chicago for robbing and assaulting a man on a CTA train. Identified as Fernando Loyo Rodríguez, Wilker Gutiérrez Sierra, Carlos Carreño Carreño and Yonnier Guasamucare García, they face charges of robbery and aggravated assault. The victim, 49 years old, lost consciousness during the attack but has recovered. This incident adds to a series of retail robberies by migrants, mainly Venezuelan, in Chicago. Authorities have dismantled ID theft operations and are warning of an increase in migrants involved in crime.

Cops assaulted and objects thrown at immigrant shelter in New York City

Univision News - February 21, 2024

An incident at an immigrant shelter in New York escalated when an immigrant and a member of security started a fight, leading to police intervention. Although objects were thrown at officers, no injuries were reported. This event highlights the tensions that can arise in these reception centers.

USA: New fight between migrants and police in New York City

Voice of America - February 21, 2024

A new confrontation between migrants and police at a shelter on Randall's Island, New York, highlights the growing tension and saturation of the reception systems. Angela Gonzalez, correspondent for Voice of America, reports on the situation and the limited 30-day stay conditions for people without children, which contributes to the current problem.

Latino congressmen call for immigration agency to grant certified translations

Telemundo News - February 21, 2024

Latino members of Congress have sent a letter asking the U.S. immigration agency to offer certified translation services. They argue that this would improve accuracy, eliminate administrative burdens and save resources, thus facilitating the process for applicants.

MPI Proposes Visa Bridge to Revitalize the U.S. Employment-Based Immigration System and Improve Economic and Demographic Realities

Migration Policy Institute - 21 February 2024

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) proposed the creation of a new employment-based visa pathway, called a "bridging visa," to enable the United States to better leverage immigration to meet labor market needs, address rapidly changing economic and demographic realities, and remain competitive. This proposal seeks to update employment-based visa policies, which have not been revised since 1990, in response to the inescapable forces that are shaping the U.S. labor market in a 21st century global economy. The bridge visa is proposed as a temporary-to-permanent stream that would be flexible to accommodate both circular migrants and those who wish to remain permanently in the U.S., ensuring protections for both U.S.-born workers and immigrants.

American fixes and gives bicycles as gifts to immigrants

Voice of America - February 21, 2024

A U.S. citizen is dedicated to repairing and donating bicycles to newly arrived immigrants to facilitate their commute to work. This gesture of solidarity highlights the importance of community support and the positive impact it can have on the lives of immigrants, helping them to integrate and improve their quality of life in a new country.


Tails wagging happily thanks to a new lease on life

Voice of America - February 21, 2024

A group of university students in Colombia, motivated by their love for animals, has created a seedbed that offers a new chance of life to disabled dogs and cats. This initiative has managed to change the lives of many animals, giving them the happiness and mobility they need.

In Colombia, migrants take risks in illegal boats despite El Niño restrictions

Voice of America - February 21, 2024

Colombian authorities are on alert as migrants continue to use illegal boats to cross the Darien from the Gulf of Uraba, despite navigation restrictions imposed by the El Niño phenomenon. This report highlights the dangers and challenges faced by migrants in their quest to reach better living conditions, risking dangerous crossings.

Disappeared in El Salvador: Relatives accuse government of not providing support

CNN in English - February 21, 2024

In El Salvador, the problem of missing persons is worsening due to the lack of governmental response. Relatives of four missing youths denounce the inaction of the Human Rights Ombudsman's Office, despite the complaints filed. This case reflects the serious situation of disappearances in the country, where thousands of families continue to seek justice and answers for their loved ones.



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