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New poll reveals how Latinos perceive Washington's reaction to immigration crisis

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates that three-quarters of the Latino community in the United States consider the Democratic Administration's handling of the immigration crisis at the border to be inadequate. Of those polled, 45% of those surveyed describe the situation as a real crisis, reflecting a critical perception of the government's handling of this issue and its repercussions for the Latino community in the country.

Migrant families receive support from organizations in New Jersey

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

A migrant family, after crossing the border and living temporarily in a New York shelter, has found a new beginning in New Jersey thanks to the support of pro-migrant organizations and religious groups. This video highlights the importance of solidarity and community support in the process of migrants' integration into U.S. society, offering a glimpse of initiatives that facilitate their adaptation and well-being in a new environment.

Chicago organizes volunteers to help immigrants

Voice of America - February 19, 2024

In Chicago, authorities are mobilizing efforts to organize and recruit volunteers to provide support to approximately 15,000 immigrants housed in 28 temporary shelters throughout the city. This initiative seeks to improve the assistance and resources available to immigrants, ensuring that they receive the help they need in the process of adapting and settling in the United States.

Northern border, the alternate route used by migrants to enter the U.S. from Canada

La Opinión - February 19, 2024

While attention is focused on the migration crisis at the southern U.S.-Mexico border, the northern border is emerging as an alternative route for migrants seeking to enter the U.S. from Canada. In Swanton, Vermont, residents and authorities observe a significant increase in illegal migrant crossings, highlighting a 240% increase in 2023 with more than 12,200 cases. This flow is attributed to migrants who, after arriving in Mexico, choose to fly to Canada and then attempt to cross into the U.S., thus avoiding the stricter controls in the south. The situation poses challenges for local communities and authorities, who face the difficulty of policing an extensive and less guarded border.

Cuban citizen convicted of smuggling non-citizens in rotten products

ICE - February 20, 2024

Illeysel Carcasses, a 38-year-old Cuban national, was convicted Feb. 15 in the Southern District of Texas of illegally transporting non-citizens in the back of a closed trailer full of rotting produce. The investigation, conducted by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Corpus Christi and the U.S. Border Patrol, culminated in his conviction after a two-day trial and the testimony of 10 witnesses. Carcasses faces up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000, with sentencing scheduled for May 8.

Judge upholds Florida against policy benefiting certain immigrants

El Diario NY - February 20, 2024

A federal judge in Pensacola, Florida, has allowed the state government to oppose a Biden administration policy that releases certain undocumented immigrants awaiting asylum. The decision by T. Kent Wetherell dismisses previous restrictions imposed on Texas and Louisiana, marking a significant step in the legal battle against 'catch and release' policies. This ruling follows the implementation of SB 1718 by Governor Ron DeSantis, intended to curb the influx of undocumented immigrants and currently under legal challenge.

Controversial video of expulsion of several migrants at the Texas border

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

A video showing a National Guard agent pushing several migrants at the Texas border has generated controversy. This action occurs before a new law, promoted by Greg Abbott, that seeks to tighten border controls goes into effect. Activists call the treatment "inhumane", highlighting the growing tension and the need to address the treatment of migrants with humanity and respect for their rights.

Migrants in New York sue National Guard members for sexual abuse

Voice of America - February 19, 2024

Migrants housed in shelters near the Canadian border have filed lawsuits against members of the National Guard and subcontractors, accusing them of sexual exploitation and inappropriate behavior towards minors. This serious allegation highlights the challenges and risks migrants face, even within facilities that should offer them protection and safety.

Mother of the Venezuelan teenager who shot a tourist in New York was detained by Immigration

La Opinión - February 19, 2024

The mother of a Venezuelan teenager accused of shooting a Brazilian tourist and police officers in New York was arrested by immigration the same day her son was detained. The young man, identified as Jesus Alejandro Rivas Figueroa, faces serious charges, including attempted murder. This incident underscores the complex circumstances faced by some Venezuelan migrants in the U.S., marked by acts of violence and the legal consequences that these entail, both for those directly involved and their families.

"They kidnap us and steal our appointment with Migration": the new modality of Mexican cartels to extort migrants at the border

La Opinión - February 19, 2024

Mexican cartels have found a new way to extort migrants at the border: kidnapping them and robbing them of their immigration appointments in the US. One Venezuelan family recounts how, after arriving in Mexico hoping to cross legally into the US via a scheduled appointment, they were intercepted and kidnapped by armed men. This method of extortion affects migrants of various nationalities, forcing them to pay large sums of money under threat of losing their chance of asylum. This phenomenon highlights the vulnerability of migrants to criminal organizations and the complexity of the migration crisis at the border.

Child and two women die after gunmen attack a group of migrants in Mexico

El Diario NY - February 20, 2024

In Sonora, Mexico, an armed attack against a group of migrants resulted in the death of a 4-year-old Ecuadorian boy and two women, one from Peru and one from Honduras. Sonora State Attorney General Gustavo Salas Chavez corrected earlier reports of up to 50 deaths, confirming only three. The incident, which occurred on February 15, involved migrants in vehicles attacked by armed men. Eight people have been arrested in connection with the attack, and authorities are investigating the incident as part of a wider human smuggling case.

Attack on migrant caravan reported in Mexico: here's what is known

Univision News - February 19, 2024

In an alarming incident in the Mexican state of Sonora, a group of armed men intercepted a caravan of migrants heading towards the U.S. border. This attack tragically resulted in several casualties, including the death of a 4-year-old Ecuadorian boy. The event has captured international attention and concern, highlighting the dangers faced by migrants in their search for a better life.

A pro-migrant organization claims that dozens of migrants were massacred in northern Mexico

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

The organization '1,800 Migrants' reports a serious incident in Sonora, Mexico, where dozens of migrants of various nationalities were shot at during the night of February 15, resulting in several deaths. Despite the claims of the state prosecutor, who acknowledges only three deaths, this event highlights the extreme dangers faced by migrants in transit through Mexico, generating alarm and calls for action to protect their rights and safety.

Over 300,000 Venezuelans have crossed the Darien jungle since the U.S. eased sanctions on Maduro

El Diario NY - February 19, 2024

Since the easing of sanctions on Venezuela by the U.S., more than 300,000 Venezuelans have crossed the Darien jungle in search of better living conditions. David Smolansky, former OAS commissioner, stresses that this migratory phenomenon, which brings the number of displaced Venezuelans to 8 million, responds to the flight from a decades-long tyranny and not to economic sanctions. The report of the Observatory of Social Debt of the UCA identifies root causes such as complex humanitarian emergency, systematic human rights violations, insecurity, shortages of basic services and economic collapse, underlining the humanitarian crisis facing Venezuela.

Trial of former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez begins in New York

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

The trial against Juan Orlando Hernández, former president of Honduras, has begun in New York. Hernández faces charges of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States, conspiracy to possess firearms and possession of weapons. Jury selection took place during the first hearing, which was held behind closed doors. This case has captured international attention due to the serious implications and accusations against the former president.


Study reveals that women need less exercise than men

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

A recent study has shed light on the difference in the amount of exercise needed for women and men to obtain similar benefits. According to the findings, women require approximately 2.5 hours of aerobic physical activity per week to achieve the same results that men achieve with five hours. This research underscores the importance of tailoring physical activity recommendations to biological differences between genders, providing a more personalized approach to improving health and well-being.

At 3 years old, he already knew how to divide: this Hispanic child surprises with his math skills

Univision News - February 19, 2024

Mateo Perez, a 5-year-old Venezuelan boy, has amazed hundreds of users on Instagram with his impressive ability to solve complex mathematical operations. From the age of 3, Mateo already mastered the multiplication and division tables, demonstrating an exceptional talent for mathematics. His story is a testament to the innate potential and intellectual curiosity of children, inspiring educators and parents to foster these skills from an early age.

How much are you willing to pay to find love? Find out how much many people spend on dating apps

Univision News - February 19, 2024

Nearly one-third of singles in the U.S. turn to online dating apps, a practice that is becoming increasingly popular despite rising subscription costs. These platforms, which account for more than a quarter of the fee-based market, continue to attract users willing to invest in finding their ideal partner. Average spending on these subscriptions reveals the extent to which people are willing to pay to find love in the digital age.

The story of Pipo, the dog that went viral on Valentine's Day for a touching video

YouTube - February 19, 2024

Pipo, a dog who celebrated his 14th birthday, became a viral sensation after his owner, Pablo Machado, shared a video on social networks thanking him for his unconditional companionship. The post touched the hearts of millions, reaching more than 4 million views in less than 24 hours. This story not only shows the strong connection between humans and their pets, but also how simple moments can resonate widely in the digital realm.

Shoppers seek savings through consumption of generic brands

Telemundo News - February 19, 2024

Faced with the high cost of basic products in the United States, consumers are increasingly opting for private label or generic brands as a strategy to save money. According to economist Daniel Cuesta, choosing these alternatives can represent savings of up to 25% on everyday purchases. This trend underscores the search for practical solutions to inflation and rising prices in today's economy.

TSE closes final legislative vote count

La Prensa Gráfica - February 18, 2024

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of El Salvador has completed the vote count of the legislative elections, marked by complaints of irregularities. Although the results have not been officially announced, a majority is expected for the Nuevas Ideas party with 54 out of 60 deputies. This result relegates traditional parties such as FMLN and ARENA to minimal representation and excludes others such as GANA and Nuestro Tiempo from parliament. The elections have been plagued by accusations of anomalies, and some parties, including ARENA, are demanding the nullity and repetition of the elections. This electoral process reflects the political tensions in El Salvador and highlights the democratic challenges in the country.

"Cholets": Andean culture and modernity in a stunning Bolivian architecture

Voice of America - February 19, 2024

Cholets represent a unique architectural trend in Bolivia, characterized by colorful and opulent buildings that fuse Andean culture with modernity. These constructions are not only a testimony to the economic and cultural growth of the region, but have also become a symbol of identity and pride for local communities, showing the world the richness and diversity of Bolivian traditions.

Poverty in Argentina reaches 57%, highest figure in 20 years, according to report

Buenos Aires Herald - Date not provided

Argentina is facing an unprecedented economic crisis, with the poverty rate reaching 57.4% in January, the highest since 2004, according to the Observatorio de la Deuda Social of the Universidad Católica Argentina. This increase is attributed to the 54% devaluation of the Argentine peso in December and rampant inflation that has eroded real wages and increased the risk of unemployment. In addition, 15% of the population is in a situation of indigence. The observatory points to a generalized impoverishment in Argentine society, mainly affecting the working and middle class without social benefits. This scenario poses a monumental challenge for the Argentine government in the midst of price increases in fuel, health, and transportation, and failed negotiations to increase the minimum wage and unemployment benefits. 


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