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EOIR To Open New West Los Angeles Immigration Court

Immigration Today® - April 10, 2024

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) has announced the opening of the new West Los Angeles Immigration Court on May 6, 2024. This court is established to handle immigration cases more efficiently and alleviate the burden on existing facilities. With the closure of the Los Angeles - Olive Street Immigration Court on April 17, 2024, cases will be transferred to the new location, as well as to other immigration courts on North Los Angeles Street and Van Nuys Boulevard. This expansion is part of an effort to improve access and administration of justice in immigration proceedings by providing additional resources and facilitating a more streamlined court process for immigrants in Los Angeles.

USCIS Adopts the Department of Labor's Definition of "Science or Craft

USCIS - April 10, 2024

USCIS has integrated the U.S. Department of Labor's definition of "science or art" for Annex A, Group II occupations, which includes professionals with exceptional ability in the sciences or arts (except performing arts). This update facilitates the adjudication of EB-2 and EB-3 petitions by recognizing specialized courses leading to a degree in the relevant subject area. The policy is effective immediately and seeks to more closely align USCIS procedures with DOL standards.

DACA recipient makes history by becoming a Blue Island police officer

La Raza - April 10, 2024

Mitchell Soto Rodriguez, a Mexican immigrant and DACA beneficiary, has been sworn in as the first Blue Island police officer with this immigration status. Since her arrival at age 8, she has been an integral part of this Illinois community. Local policy was changed to allow DACA recipients like Soto Rodriguez to serve as officers, without the need for a firearm owner's identification card. This openness has inspired more DACA recipients to pursue their path at the Blue Island Police Academy.

Guatemalan parents are reunited with their immigrant children after decades

Voice of America - April 10, 2024

Guatemalan families who were separated for decades by migration are excitedly reunited. Parents and children who lived apart from each other are reunited thanks to the efforts of relief organizations. These reunions highlight the heartbreaking effects that family separation has on the immigrant community.

The story of the Ecuadorian who rescued a baby

Telemundo News - April 10, 2024

This video tells the story of an Ecuadorian man who rescued a baby abandoned on the street. The man's heroic action represents the value of life and humanity at a time when violence and indifference are commonplace. The video highlights the importance of solidarity and compassion in society, and also inspires the community to take positive actions in favor of the most vulnerable.

Asylum in the U.S.: Warns of new grounds for rejection

El Nuevo Herald - April 10, 2024

USCIS has announced a significant change in the filing of affirmative asylum applications effective May 9, 2024. Applications must be sent to the secure location corresponding to the applicant's jurisdiction, not to service centers. This measure seeks to improve the efficiency and management of applications through digitization. Correct filing of the Form I-589 is crucial to avoid rejection of the application.

USCIS warns it will reject all asylum applications that make this mistake

Univision News - April 10, 2024

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a warning about a critical error in asylum applications that will result in automatic denials. Accuracy in the information provided is essential, and any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the data may be grounds for denial. Applicants are urged to thoroughly review their forms prior to filing to avoid delays and potential complications in their asylum process.

Biden acknowledges lack of resources to handle southern border crisis

Univision News - April 10, 2024

President Joe Biden admitted in an interview with Televisa Univision that his administration lacks the resources necessary to effectively manage the immigration crisis at the southern border, including an insufficient number of agents to process arrivals and adequate equipment to detect drugs such as fentanyl. This deficit has allowed the crisis to escalate, exacerbated by past policies and a lack of bipartisan cooperation to allocate the necessary funds to improve the Border Patrol's response capacity and immigration infrastructure.

Biden to make a major decision on immigration control by the end of April

La Opinión - April 10, 2024

At the end of April, President Biden is considering issuing an executive order that would allow him to unilaterally close the border with Mexico to control the flow of migrants. This potential decision, under Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, is in response to the inability to handle the daily volume of migrants that exceeds 5,000 individuals on some days. The measure is seen as an extension of more restrictive policies and could face legal challenges similar to those under Title 42.

Biden reportedly considering executive order to limit migrant flow Telemundo News

Telemundo News - April 10, 2024

President Biden is contemplating issuing an executive order aimed at limiting the flow of migrants into the United States. The move is seen as a response to growing pressure on the immigration system and the need for more effective border management. The administration seeks to balance border security with respect for migrants' rights, amid a national debate over how best to address immigration.

Mayorkas admits border crisis, insists Congress must solve it

El Diario NY - April 10, 2024

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, has stated that the border with Mexico is in crisis and emphasized that only Congress can solve this problem through appropriate legislation. During his appearance before the House and Senate, Mayorkas criticized the lack of Congressional action and stressed the need for more resources for the Border Patrol and improvements in the asylum system. This position comes against a backdrop of mounting political pressure and an impending impeachment trial against him.

Iowa governor approves law authorizing state to arrest and deport immigrants

El Diario NY - April 10, 2024

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed into law a bill authorizing the state to arrest and deport immigrants who are in the territory illegally after being denied entry into the U.S. Similar to Texas' SB4, this legislation goes into effect on July 1, 2024 and has generated considerable alarm among migrant communities about how it will be implemented, especially given the limited resources and capabilities of local law enforcement to assume federal immigration responsibilities.

Johnson proposes Chicago City Council approve another $70 million to address migrant crisis before Democratic National Convention

La Raza - April 10, 2024

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has proposed the approval of an additional $70 million in funding to manage the immigration crisis ahead of the Democratic National Convention. These funds, derived from the Federal Rescue Plan and the city's general budget, are aimed at improving infrastructure and services for newly arrived migrants. This measure anticipates an increase in migrant arrivals driven by adverse political actions, particularly from Republican figures, who plan to send busloads of migrants to Chicago to challenge the Biden administration and highlight flaws in current immigration policies.

The moment when guards are attacked outside a shopping mall

Univision News - April 10, 2024

This video shows an incident in which guards are attacked outside a shopping mall. The video highlights the importance of security in public places and the need to take measures to protect visitors. The video also inspires the community to be more aware of their surroundings and to take action to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Desperate Guatemalan youths try to reach U.S. even after deaths of family members

Los Angeles Times - April 10, 2024

In Comitancillo, Guatemala, young people like Glendy Aracely Ramirez persist in their attempt to migrate to the U.S. despite tragic family losses along the way, including her sister Blanca, who died in a human trafficking incident in Texas. This determination underscores the desperate economic and social situation in the Guatemalan Highlands, where lack of opportunity pushes these young people to risk everything for the American dream. Remittances from family members in the U.S. offer a glimpse of what is possible, further encouraging emigration despite the obvious dangers.

Mexico asylum applications drop 37%, a relief for the country's southern border

El Diario NY - April 10, 2024

In the first three months of 2024, asylum applications in Mexico experienced a 37% drop compared to the same period last year, which represents a relief for the country's southern border. This reduction has been especially notable in Tapachula, where the majority of requests are received. Improvements in the services offered by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Comar) and a decrease in the migratory flow to Mexico's northern border have also contributed to this downward trend.

53% of migrant women in Mexico say they have been victims of crime according to survey

El Diario NY - April 10, 2024

A survey conducted by Plan International in Mexico has revealed that 53% of migrant women in the country have been victims of crimes during their transit, including kidnapping and extortion. This situation underscores the particular vulnerability of women in the migration context and highlights the urgent need to rethink migration policies to better protect these vulnerable populations, especially in border cities such as Ciudad Juarez.

Honduras extradites Mara Salvatrucha leader to the U.S.

Las Américas Newspaper - April 10, 2024

Honduras has extradited Armando Eliú Melgar Díaz, alias "Blue" or "Sirio," a notorious Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) kingpin, to the United States. This action represents a major blow against the transnational operations of this dangerous gang, known for its brutality and widespread criminal activities throughout North America. Melgar Diaz was captured on terrorism and drug trafficking charges, highlighting the effective collaboration between Honduran and U.S. authorities to combat organized crime and improve regional security.

CBP Announces Next Phase in Fight Against Criminals Funneling Fentanyl into U.S. Communities

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - April 10, 2024

CBP has launched Operation Plaza Spike, a collaborative effort to combat cartels trafficking fentanyl into the U.S. from Mexico by targeting key "plazas" near the border. This strategy includes tactics such as seizing illicit proceeds and increasing pressure on cartel leaders, the "plaza bosses." It seeks to dismantle trafficking operations and mitigate the flow of fentanyl and other synthetic drugs that cause tragedies in U.S. communities.

Boston ERO arrests MS-13 member accused locally of assaulting police officers and family members

ICE - April 10, 2024

ERO Boston has apprehended an MS-13 member accused locally of assaulting a police officer and members of his family. This individual, a Salvadoran national and repeat illegal alien, was apprehended near his residence in Chelsea, having previously ignored a deportation order and an immigration hold. His capture underscores ERO's commitment to public safety in New England by focusing resources on the removal of dangerous non-citizen criminals.


The story of Faustino Oro, the 10-year-old Hispanic boy who is called the 'Messi of chess'.

Univision News - April 10, 2024

Faustino Oro, a Hispanic chess prodigy as young as 10 years old, has been dubbed the 'Messi of chess' for his impressive skill in the game. His talent has captured the attention of the international chess community, and his story inspires many Hispanic youth and families. Faustino continues to compete in high-level tournaments, proving that age is no barrier to success in chess.

A manual to eliminate Latino stereotypes in Hollywood is created

CNN in English - April 10, 2024

This video presents a manual that seeks to eliminate the Latino stereotype in Hollywood. The manual offers recommendations and tips for screenwriters and directors to avoid stereotypical portrayals of Latinos in the film and television industry. The video highlights the importance of inclusion and understanding in the community, and also inspires content creators to create more realistic and balanced characters and stories.

Latino families juggle inflation complications Telemundo News

Telemundo News - April 10, 2024

This video shows how Latino families in the United States are struggling to cope with the economic challenges caused by inflation. Many parents share their strategies for managing tight budgets and keeping their families afloat. The video highlights the resilience and determination of the Latino community to overcome financial hardship and ensure the well-being of their loved ones.

Indigenous weavers demand law to protect their designs from large corporations

Al Rojo Vivo - April 10, 2024

This video presents the struggle of indigenous weavers to protect their traditional designs from appropriation by large corporations. The artisans demand the creation of a law that safeguards their intellectual property rights and allows them to benefit from the value of their creations. The video highlights the importance of preserving and valuing the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples.

Grandfather celebrates his 124th birthday in Peru and would be the oldest man in the world

Telemundo News - April 9th, 2024

A 124-year-old man in Peru celebrates his birthday, possibly becoming the oldest person in the world. The grandfather's longevity is attributed to his simple lifestyle and the traditional food of his community. His story inspires and highlights the importance of preserving ancestral customs.

World Bank endorses Milei's economic reforms in Argentina

Las Américas Newspaper - April 10, 2024

The World Bank has validated the economic reforms implemented by Javier Milei's government in Argentina, highlighting their effectiveness in reducing the fiscal deficit and inflation. These reforms, which include a significant devaluation of the peso and large cuts in public spending, seek to revive Argentina's economy, currently in recession. Although these measures have been described as painful, they are seen as necessary to stabilize and stimulate economic growth in the country.

Young people in Argentina recount their difficult struggle to escape poverty

CNN in English - April 10, 2024

Young people from Argentina share their stories of self-improvement and the challenges they face in escaping poverty. They describe the economic, social and educational barriers that prevent them from accessing better opportunities. Their testimonies highlight the need for public policies that provide more support to vulnerable communities.

Colombian prosecutor's office unlocks Uribe case and will bring former president to trial

DW - April 10, 2024

Colombia's Attorney General's Office has announced that it will bring former President Álvaro Uribe to trial on charges related to his alleged involvement in illegal activities. This development in the Uribe case, which has been the subject of controversy for years, represents an important step in the fight against corruption and impunity in the country. The video highlights the importance of accountability and the rule of law in Colombia.


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