Immigration news today 1 February 2023

Below, I attach some headlines and links to recent U.S. immigration news. This summary has been compiled with the assistance of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) of which I am a member and which may be of interest to you.




Telemundo News Immigration Service changes green card design to avoid counterfeits

January 31, 2023




Univision  Nine Republican states ask a judge to overturn the DACA program, which gives protection to some 600,000 dreamers

February 1, 2023



Telemundo  Nine Republican states led by Texas ask federal judge to dismantle DACA program

January 31, 2023


La Opinión (CA) Nine Republican states ask a judge to block DACA

By María Ortiz

February 1, 2023




Today's Latino Broad majority of voters support immigration reform with path to citizenship

January 31, 2023




Telemundo News  Greg Abbott appoints new 'border czar' to fight illegal immigration (Video)

January 31, 2023


Univision  Who is Michael Banks, the new 'border czar' who wants to make Texas "the least desirable place for illegal migration"?

By Patricia Clarembaux

January 31, 2021


La Opinión (CA) Border czar will seek to make Texas "least desirable state for immigration crossings"

By Maribel Velázquez

January 31, 2023


El Sol de Orizaba Greg Abbott appoints "border czar" to speed up Texas wall construction


January 31, 2023


MSN News What is the role of the "border czar" appointed by the governor of Texas?

By José Luis Montenegro/Independent en Español

January 31, 2023




Univision Cubans and Haitians arriving under the new humanitarian program will qualify for economic, food and health assistance for eight months.

By Jorge Cancino

January 31, 2023



Univision News  "We've seen a 90% reduction": Alejandro Mayorkas defends humanitarian parole for immigrants from four countries (Video)

January 31, 2023


El Nuevo Herald  Organizations raise their voices to defend humanitarian program to Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua

By Sonia Osorio and Syra Ortiz Blanes

January 31, 2023


Department 19 Activists say humanitarian visa program benefits the economy

January 31, 2023




La Opinión (CA) Migrants seeking to reach U.S. denounce deception by authorities at Mexico's southern border

January 31, 2023




CNN en Español Refuse to move: asylum seekers remained camped out in front of the Watson Hotel in New York (Video)

By Polo Sandoval

January 31, 2023


La Opinión (CA) New York authorities seek settlement with migrants evicted from hotel and sleeping on the streets

January 31, 2023


Telemundo News  Migrants refuse to be moved to new shelter on New York shore (Video)

January 31, 2023



English News New York learns the consequences of illegal immigrants occupying a hotel

January 31, 2023




Online Politics "The Republican base has a lot of anger at the elites and Trump continues to represent it best."

By Diego Genoud

January 31, 2023




Univision Woman who forced immigrants and underage girl to prostitute herself in Houston canteen pleads guilty

January 31, 2023


Houston Chronicle US: "It's difficult" to go back to Obama's times with Cuba

By Gisela Salomón/AP

January 31, 2023


La Opinión (CA) Colorado will become the first state to have a program to provide benefits to unemployed undocumented immigrants.

By Evaristo Lara

January 31, 2023




Univision Upcoming GOP congressional hearings will bring dangerous conspiracies to the forefront

By Vanessa Cárdenas

January 31, 2023


Expansion Migration policy, change of rules

By Claudia S. Corichi

January 31, 2023




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