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Univision National Guard, containers and barbed wire: Texas beefs up border security in El Paso

December 29, 2022



Telemundo News Eight-foot-high fences installed in El Paso, Texas

December 29, 2022



Telemundo News The drama of a family with two kidnapped children in Mexico

December 28, 2022



Telemundo News Migrants released with papers and shackles in San Antonio

December 27, 2022





CNN en Español Migrants react to the decision to maintain Title 42

December 29, 2022



CNN en Español Title 42 is less and less important, no longer stops immigration, says expert

December 29, 2022



Univision Migrants in Texas fear for their future after decision to keep Title 42 in effect

December 29, 2022



Univision "Border crisis is not a covid-19 crisis": controversy over decision to maintain Title 42

December 29, 2022



Telemundo News Immigrants at the border yearn for the end of Title 42

December 29, 2022



Telemundo News Migrants in Mexico say they will not return to their home countries

December 28, 2022



Telemundo News Title 42 will remain in place until June, says Joe Biden

December 28, 2022



Univision Supreme Court rules in favor of upholding Title 42

December 28, 2022



Telemundo News Supreme Court upholds Title 42

December 28, 2022





Univision White House calls move of migrants to Washington a "political maneuver" despite cold weather

December 28, 2022





Telemundo News Separated families face another nightmare





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