How to denounce a lawyer or notary for misconduct

Because immigration law is complex, I always recommend that you seek the best legal representation possible, especially if you have complicated cases. Only licensed attorneys or federally accredited representatives can give legal advice.

But unfortunately, as in any profession, there are bad apples.

It is important to emphasize that although there are unscrupulous lawyers who act in bad faith or do not properly perform their duties, they are only the minority.

Of the thousands of licensed immigration lawyers, approximately less than one percent have been disciplined by the Executive Office for Immigration Review of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Always verify that you are hiring a lawyer, not a notary. Notaries in the United States do not have the same legal credentials as in some Latin American countries. Here, they are only people who can authenticate signatures and verify documents. Nothing more.

If you hire a lawyer and he/she does not do the work promised, does not answer your questions or does not want to return your files, you can report him/her to the authorities.

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