Gloria Saucedo to appear in court to face criminal charges

Activist Gloria Saucedo and her associates Maria Chavez and Carmen Onchi, who face criminal charges for practicing law without a license, appeared in court today to answer the charges.

The judge in the case had ordered Ms. Saucedo and her associates to appear in court after they avoided going to their hearing on April 17.

Attorney Onica Cole of the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office indicated that they are investigating 27 other complaints against Ms. Saucedo and Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional in Panorama City, California.

The judge for the time being denied Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional's petition to cease operations because Ms. Saucedo obtained partial accreditation to operate as an accredited representative by the Board of Immigration Appeals in September 2015.

The next hearing, where they must plead not guilty or guilty to the charges, is scheduled for May 24.

The Prosecutor's Office, which is investigating the other complaints received, said they are evaluating the possibility of amending the complaint by adding more cases that reflect additional violations.

Ms. Saucedo's attorney seeks to drop the charges against her, alleging that she is authorized to provide immigration services. During the hearing, she showed as evidence a letter from the Department of Justice dated September 9, 2015 approving her request for partial clearance.

However, the charges against Hermandad Mexicana Transnacional, Gloria Saucedo and her two associates are for providing unauthorized legal services for years prior to that date.

Here you can see the calendar with the date and reason for the hearing: