Anti-immigrant congressman forced to retract accusation

Last week I wrote about an incident in which Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) demonstrated his anti-immigrant stance in Avalon, California (on Catalina Island). The congressman confronted a Mexican consul and tried to prevent employees of the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles from issuing matricula consular cards to his fellow citizens during a special event on the island. In addition, he insinuated that they were violating U.S. laws by offering consular services outside the consulate.

According to an article published today, the congressman had to backtrack, conceding that approval from the U.S. State Department was not necessary to hold the event and that his accusations against the Mexican Consulate had no legal basis. Apparently, this episode has caused numerous people in the Avalon community to raise their voices against Congressman Rohrabacher's intimidation tactics.

It is clear that the Congressman is campaigning politically, trying to score points and gain more support from the ultra-conservative Republican fringe with deplorable actions like those of last week. I hope that the Government of Mexico will make a formal complaint against Congressman Rohrabacher and that voters will reject the Congressman in the upcoming November elections.