Changes in immigrant and non-immigrant visa quotas

Effective April 13, 2012, there will be changes to the fees for immigrant and non-immigrant visas and other consular services. Fees for most non-immigrant visa applications will increase, while fees for processing immigrant visas will decrease.

The U.S. Department of State announced that the increase is necessary to cover expenses related to the processing of consular services.

The new fees for visas and other consular services are as follows (per person):

Immigrant Visa and Special Services Fees
Fee for processing an immigrant visa application
1. Family-based immigrant visa $ 330.00 $ 230.00
2. Work-based immigrant visa $ 720.00 $ 405.00
3. Other immigrant visas (including I-360 self-petitioners and special immigrant visa petitions) $ 305.00 $ 220.00
Surcharge for diversity visa won in the visa lottery $ 440.00 $ 330.00
Determination of resident status for a person wishing to return to the United States $ 380.00 $ 275.00
Nonimmigrant Visa Fees
Non-immigrant visas not based on a petition. Some examples: tourist visas (B2), business visitor visas (B1), and all student and exchange visitor visas (F, M and J). $ 140.00 $ 160.00
Petition-based nonimmigrant visas. This category of visas includes:

- H visa for temporary workers and trainees

- L visa for eligible intracompany transferees

- O visa for people with extraordinary ability

- P visa for athletes, artists and presenters

- Q visa for persons participating in an international cultural exchange program

- R visa for religious workers

$ 150.00 $ 190.00
E Visa which includes traders, investors and treaty professionals. $ 390.00 $ 270.00
4. K Visa which is for fiancés or spouses of U.S. citizens. $ 350.00 $ 240.00
5. Border crossing card for persons 15 years of age or older (valid for 10 years). $ 140.00 $ 160.00
6. Border crossing card for persons under 15 years of age. This fee applies to Mexican applicants as long as a parent or guardian has applied or will apply for a border crossing card (valid for 10 years or until the applicant turns 15, whichever comes first). $ 14.00 $ 15.00