Can a person with TPS obtain permanent residency?

TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status. As the name implies, it is temporary. And although the U.S. government has authorized the extension of TPS to immigrants from various countries for many years, it does not guarantee permanent residency to the person covered by the program.

However, TPS buys the TPS beneficiary time to find other avenues to obtain a green card, which allows him or her to live legally in the country on a permanent basis.

Therefore, I always recommend that anyone who has TPS consult with an attorney to investigate what their options are.

In the following segment of Telemundo's "Un Nuevo Día" show, I answer the question of a viewer who wants to know if after 15 years with TPS he can obtain permanent residency. Also, an undocumented immigrant with no criminal record and who has always paid his taxes wants to know if he can obtain a permit after 20 years living in the United States; and a citizen wants to know if her husband, who was deported and returned to the country illegally, can adjust his status in the United States.