COVID-19 closes immigration court in Seattle, postpones preliminary hearings

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the immigration court in Seattle, Washington, where one of the largest outbreaks in the country occurred, will remain closed until April 10, 2020. This was announced by the Executive Office for Immigration Review. (EOIR).

The immigration court in Tacoma, Washington will remain open and will accept emergency filings from people with cases in immigration court in Seattle. Any documents that were required to be filed during the Seattle immigration court closure period must be filed no later than the first day the court resumes operations.

EOIR also announced that the immigration courts will remain openbut will postpone master calendar hearings across the country for individuals who have not yet been granted a hearing. not detained The objective is to avoid the congregation of large groups of people and possible contagion of COVID-19.

EOIR will reschedule immigration hearings for all affected cases and will inform immigrants or their authorized legal representatives in writing of new hearing dates.

EOIR will assess the status of the COVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis and will make decisions for each immigration cut-off as more information becomes available.


Individuals with cases in immigration court should monitor the status of their immigration case by using the online information system for immigration court cases or by calling 1-800-898-7180 (TDD 800-828-1120). They should also consult with an immigration attorney for guidance on their immigration cases.

EOIR's automated information systems do not replace the official written notices from the immigration court or the Board of Immigration Appeals delivered to immigrants or their authorized legal representatives. These documents remain the official documents related to an immigration case and must be complied with.

* This information has been updated. At the time of publication of this note, EOIR had only postponed preliminary hearings in immigration courts in Boston, Los Angeles, Newark, New York, Sacramento and San Francisco until April 10, 2020. It is now nationwide until May 1, 2020.