An anti-immigrant congressman

I learned about an unfortunate confrontation between Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) and a Mexican consul in California who was helping his fellow Mexicans. The news was reported by the Los Angeles Timesbut not by the Spanish-language media. The congressman did everything he could to block the consul from helping undocumented Mexicans who were registering for a matricula consular.

It is unfortunate what happened to Vice Consul Juan Carlos Mendoza Sanchez. Congressman Rohrabacher has an anti-immigrant record and has made very serious accusations against the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles and the immigrant community in Avalon. Hopefully the lawyers of the Consulate or the Mexican Embassy in Washington will analyze the events that took place on Thursday in Avalon, and if Congressman Rohrabacher violated any international, national or local law, the Mexican Government will file a formal complaint against him before the corresponding authorities.