Advice on the immigration reform proposal

The group of senators known as the "Gang of 8" - 4 Democratic and 4 Republican senators - early yesterday morning introduced an immigration reform bill in the Senate.

All media outlets were quick to bring the news. But the full details and the implications of this proposal for immigrants, their families and the current immigration law are still unknown.

The proposal is detailed in an 844-page document. Some basic points and a summary have been released. I am currently reading what these senators have proposed and will provide an analysis of each section of the bill in the next few days.

In two interviews for MundoFox's national newscast, I explain some of the details of the proposal and what undocumented immigrants should do to prepare themselves if the U.S. Congress passes an immigration reform based on this bill. I also give an overview of what are some of the costs and expenses they will have to incur in order to apply for legal status under the terms of this proposal.

Here are the videos: