13.3 million permanent residents live in the U.S.

An estimated 13.3 million permanent residents have been living in the United States since January 1, 2012, according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The report indicates that most of these individuals obtained their permanent residency after 2000 and that approximately 8.8 million of them are eligible to naturalize.

25.1% of permanent residents are born in Mexico. This is followed by 4.8% from China, 4.4% from the Philippines and 4.1% from India. Of the other Latin American countries, 3.7% are from the Dominican Republic, 3.2% from Cuba, 2.5% from El Salvador, 1.8% from Colombia, 1.5% from Guatemala, and 1.1% from Peru.

Most of these new residents live in California (25.6%), New York (12.5%), Texas (9.9%), Florida (9.7%), New Jersey (4.6%), Illinois (4.1%), Massachusetts (2.5%), Virginia (2.2%), Washington (2.1%), Arizona (1.9%), and the remaining 25.1% in other states.

Nearly 4 million permanent residents of Latino origin are eligible for U.S. citizenship.

It is important for any permanent resident who is eligible for U.S. citizenship to apply for it as soon as possible. Citizenship confers many benefits including being able to immigrate more of your family members, the right to vote, and the ability to find better jobs.

If you have not become a citizen due to lack of resources, seek the help of a non-profit organization that has immigration attorneys or federally accredited representatives to help you for free or at low cost. Please visit these places only if you are in need and do not take a person's job simply because you do not want to pay.